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Ending the week with the final figure from my June 2016 orders~!  This figure is of a character from Nintendo’s strategic roleplay game Fire Emblem Awakening, that was released on the Nintendo 3DS.   For westerners she will be known as Cordelia while the weebs will know her as Tiamo.  She is the second Awakening girl to get a figure from a collaboration work between Max Factory and Good Smile Company.

Character: Cordelia (Tiamo)
Origins: Fire Emblem: Awakening (Video Game)
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 9.36″
Companies: Good Smile Company (Manufacturer), Max Factory (Manufacturer)
Artists: Kozaki Yusuke (Char. designer), Shining Wizard @ Sawachika (Sculptor)
Release: 6/01/2016
Price: ¥15,600

I actually finally managed to playthrough all of Awakening during my break, am not daring to start the newer FE games.  While Cordelia wasn’t my favorite potential waifu in the game, I did like her enough to warrant this purchase at least.  The figure was sculpted by the master sculptor Shining Wizard @ Sawachika, who also sculpted the first FE: Awakening figure of Tharja.  I was pretty damn impressed with Tharja, so you can imagine how excited I was for this figure of Cordelia.

Much like Tharja this figure was pretty damn expensive.  AmiAmi had the figure for ¥12,930 when I preordered her, which was what I paid for her.  Another huge box that made this months orders shipping cost ridiculous.  Anyways lets get started with the photos!

mftiamo001 mftiamo002 mftiamo003 mftiamo004mftiamo005Another beatiful but stupidily huge box.  I am starting to think these manufacturers are colluding with stores so they can up profits on shipping costs…mftiamo006Double sided instruction sheet with both Japanese and English instructions.  It was pretty straight forward putting things together though.mftiamo007The base had layers that you can take apart.  The top layer is a thinner plastic that is supposed to show off a look of Cordelia standing in water.mftiamo008And the bottom piece is neat looking concreet style.  

Now there really is only one way to pose Cordelia and that is with everything attached to the base.  You of course have an option of using the top layer of the base if you want, I choose not to for this photo shot.  I also removed the winged shaped concreet thing to get a better shot of her back.

mftiamo009mftiamo010mftiamo011mftiamo012mftiamo013mftiamo014mftiamo015mftiamo016mftiamo017mftiamo018mftiamo019mftiamo020mftiamo021mftiamo022mftiamo023mftiamo024mftiamo025mftiamo026mftiamo027mftiamo028mftiamo029mftiamo030mftiamo031mftiamo032mftiamo033mftiamo034mftiamo035mftiamo036mftiamo037mftiamo038mftiamo039mftiamo040mftiamo041mftiamo042mftiamo043mftiamo044mftiamo045mftiamo046mftiamo047mftiamo048mftiamo049mftiamo050mftiamo051mftiamo052mftiamo053mftiamo054mftiamo056mftiamo055mftiamo057mftiamo058mftiamo059mftiamo060mftiamo061mftiamo062mftiamo063mftiamo064mftiamo065I suppose it doesn’t look that bad without the wing thing.  Still a lot of empty space without it.mftiamo066mftiamo067mftiamo068mftiamo069Well did you really not expect me to try to get some upskirt shots?
mftiamo070mftiamo071Looking good.  Good detailing.mftiamo072mftiamo073mftiamo074mftiamo075mftiamo076

Welp MF and GSC did not disappoint here!  Cordelia looks amazing on all points!  Her sculpt and pose are flawless, I expected nothing less from Shining Wizard @ Sawachika.  As usual from MF related figures, the coloring and painting of the figure were excellent.  From the vivid redness of her hair to the blending of colors in her clothing really make the figure stand out.  Detailing was on point throughout the figure.  From the pieces of her armor to the stitches on her clothing were all masterfully done.  Honestly I could not be happier with how she turned out.  Though IMO, she isn’t as great as the Tharja figure released last year, nothing can beat that booty.  But she does come close and that may be enough for fans of the series to get her.  In fact there is no reason not to get her now, she is 41% off on AmiAmi brand new!  This figure is worth way more than that so you’ll be missing out if you do not grab her now!

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