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Time for the second unboxing of my monthly figure orders from June 2016.  This is a massive figure for a rather small character.  From one of my favorite light novels and a terrible Anime adaptation High School DxD is the smallest member of the DxD group, Toujou Koneko.  This figure of her is part of FREEing’s B-Style figure line with her at a massive 1/4th scale in of course a sexy bunny suit!

Character: Toujou Koneko
Origins: High School DxD Born (Light Novel/Anime)
Other: B-Style
Scale: 1/4
Dimensions: Height – 8.39″
Companies: FREEing (Manufacturer)
Release: 6/27/2016
Price: ¥18,000

I haven’t purchased many FREEing figures, in fact this will be my very first from them.  What a way to start things off but a massive 1/4th scaled figure of this delicious little neko girl.  Koneko-chan will be joining her two oneechans from DxD in FREEing’s B-Style figure line, Rias and Akeno.  The box for this figure was pretty damn big, it literally filled up my light box.  Along with the massive packaging, Koneko also came with a a pretty big price tag.  Koneko was part of my monthly AmiAmi order and cost me ¥15,680.  Perhaps this figure was the reason why the shipping cost for this order was so damn ridiculous.  But yes I suppose we should get started with the photos yes?

bsneko001 bsneko002 bsneko003 bsneko004bsneko005As you can see the box for Koneko-chan is pretty damn huge.  It barely fit in my 20×20 light box.  The box is made out of some thick cardboard, not the best of boxes…

Koneko-chan did not come with, in fact she didn’t even come with a base.  Instead you get this default pose of her, with something special….  More on that later.

bsneko006bsneko007bsneko008bsneko009bsneko010bsneko011bsneko012bsneko013bsneko014In hindsight I should had taken these shots with my camera in the portrait position.  But at least Koneko-chan is extremely adorable!bsneko015bsneko016bsneko017bsneko018bsneko019bsneko020bsneko021bsneko022bsneko023bsneko024bsneko025bsneko026bsneko027bsneko028bsneko029bsneko030bsneko031bsneko032bsneko033bsneko034bsneko035bsneko036bsneko037bsneko038bsneko039bsneko040bsneko041bsneko042bsneko043bsneko044bsneko045bsneko046bsneko047Despite what it looks like, those are not castoff rings on her arm.  They are not removable even though it looks like they sort of dig into her arm.bsneko048bsneko049bsneko050bsneko051bsneko052bsneko053bsneko054bsneko055bsneko056bsneko057bsneko058bsneko059I think FREEing did a great job in adapting Koneko-chan’s Anime look into this figure.  It literally looks like she jumped out of the Anime and strutted a pose with her booty for us!bsneko060bsneko061bsneko062bsneko063bsneko064bsneko065bsneko066And then FREEing kept us in suspense over welter Koneko-chan would have a castoff feature like Rias and Akeno did.  And confirmed she does!  She comes with a swap-able breast piece that you sort of have to pull off.bsneko067bsneko068bsneko069bsneko070bsneko071bsneko072bsneko073bsneko074bsneko075bsneko076These are definitely Anime-quality boobs.bsneko077bsneko078bsneko079bsneko080bsneko081bsneko082bsneko083bsneko084bsneko085bsneko086bsneko087bsneko088bsneko089

Koneko-chan actually turned out pretty well!  I am really pleased with the results.  Koneko-chan really does look like she just popped out of the Anime into figure form.  Her pose is alluring while still giving off that adorable loli look of hers.  Sculptwise, I really do believe FREEing has put out the best sculpted Koneko-chan.  Very delicious pose detailing her lolieqse chest and womanly booty.  Coloring and detailing were also really good.  Koneko-chan is a fairy big figure at 1/4th scale.  Even at such a big scale I believe FREEing really did hit it out of the ballpark with this one.

However the figure is pretty damn expensive.  Yes she is a huge ass figure for such a tiny character overall.  But the figure is pretty noticeably heavy and I am guessing that sort of contributed to the really high price tag.  For many I do not believe this Koneko-chan is worth it just by the price alone.  But for what is out there so far for Koneko-chan, there isn’t much, this is by far the best looking figure of her no contest!  So I suppose fanboys of her, like me, should jump on this before the aftermarket prices blow up her price upwards some more.  That or wait for the more than luckily to come re-release, like with Rias and Akeno.

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