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Oh wait what?  Consecutive posts in a row?  What is going on?  Definitely not a fluke but honestly do not expect this to happen often…  A week after getting shipped out I got my hands on my June 2016 orders!  I purposely did not spend too much at Anime Expo this year because I knew I had this to pay for, especially since AmiAmi charges an arm and a leg for shipping.  Anyways, from the light novel turned Anime Amagi Brilliant Park we have the lovely and busty Sento Isuzu at 1/7th scale from Alter!  Oh and Moffle is part of the figure also I guess…

Character: Sento Isuzu & Moffle
Origins: Amagi Brilliant Park (Light Novel/Anime)
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 5.85″
Companies: Alter (Manufacturer)
Artists: Missile (Sculptor), Watanabe Takamasa (Color producer)
Release: 6/10/2016
Price: ¥12,800

Since this is an original design and sculpt by Alter there were no original artworks this figure of Sento was based off of.  The above GIF is the most “appropriate” I found of Sento…  Anyways I have been a fan of Sento since the Anime aired a few years back.  I was pretty disappointed that she, or any of the other attractive female characters, did not get much attention from figure manufacturers.  Kotobukiya released a figure, but that wasn’t so great.  But then Alter came to the rescue with this!  Then of course Max Factory decided to show off their sexy pirate Sento…  But yes Alter saved us first!

I ended up ordering this figure from AmiAmi for ¥11,600.  The figure was part of my monthly orders from the site which resulted in a really pricey shipping costs.  Nonetheless the figure arrived about a week after it was shipped, spent a few days in customs.  I was fairly excited to get my hands on this delicious Sento.  Let’s get straight to the photos!

apsento001 apsento002 apsento003 apsento004apsento005apsento006Alter of course went with their plastic box packaging which I really adore.  It’s simple and really damn sturdy.apsento007apsento008A fluffy base that many manufacturers are going with nowadays.
apsento009Alter took it up another notch by itching some text onto the side of the base.apsento010The Moffle accessory.  I don’t really care for Moffle so I didn’t pose him next to Sento.  But he is pretty nicely designed.apsento011apsento012apsento013apsento014Starting things off is the default posing option for Sento.  Wait there is a default you ask?  Stay tuned…apsento015apsento016apsento017apsento018apsento019apsento020apsento021apsento022apsento023apsento024apsento025apsento026apsento027apsento028apsento029apsento030apsento031apsento032apsento033apsento034apsento035apsento036apsento037apsento038apsento039apsento040apsento041apsento042apsento043apsento044apsento045apsento046apsento047apsento048apsento049apsento050apsento051apsento052apsento053apsento054apsento055apsento056apsento057apsento058apsento059apsento060apsento061apsento062apsento063apsento064apsento065apsento066apsento067apsento068apsento069apsento070apsento071And to my surprise, and probably many others, Sento’s skirt can be removed to reveal her sexy blank panties!  Praise the lord Alter!apsento072apsento073apsento074apsento075apsento076apsento077apsento078apsento079apsento080apsento081apsento082apsento083apsento084apsento085apsento086apsento087apsento088apsento089apsento090

I try not to ramble too much here but I can say I am really damn impressed with how Sento turned out!  I never did doubt Alter could pull off great figures.  But this Sento really does it for me!  Sento looks absolutely amazing.  Sento looks amazing in her trademark suit, with everything hugging tightly to her sexy and curvy body.  I love her facial expression, the slightly embarrassed but plain look really contrasts her personality from the show.  The coloring is as usual perfect from Alter.  The vibrant red of her top and the slight pink mixed into her knee socks are perfect.  Throw all of that together and add a special castoff of her skirt?  PERFECTION!  Alter you’ve done it again!  Now some more Amagi love would be nice.  Would love to see the Elementarios get some figure love too…

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