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Took a little longer to get here but my final figure from my May 2015 orders have arrived!  And it is a figure I have definitely been longing for!  One of top waifu’s of all time is definitely Tohsaka Rin from Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works.  While I did miss out on the more “holier” of grails of her released years ago, I knew I had to jump on whatever new figure of her would come no matter what.  Enter’s Aniplex+’s and Stronger’s exclusive Tohsaka Rin at 1/7th Archer Costume ver.!

Character: Tohsaka Rin
Origins: Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works (Eroge/Anime)
Other: Exclusive
Version: Archer Costume ver.
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 8.97″
Companies: Aniplex+ (Distributor), Stronger (Manufacturer)
Artists: Icrea (Sculptor)
Release: 5/21/2016
Price: ¥12,000

This isn’t the first Aniplex+/Stronger FsN figure I have unboxed, the first being the lovely Royal Dress Saber released late last year.  I was highly impressed with what Stronger was able to accomplish with that release and definitely rooted the high hopes I have for this figure of Rin.  I ended up ordering the figure from Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) for $102 US which included free 1 day shipping.  The figure arrived first in Japan but TOM did not receive their stock until the end of the month.  Which was fine I suppose since the figure would had arrived during my finals week if it had shipped then.  But regardless she is here now and I am definitely excited to open her up!  Let’s not waste time and jump straight to it!

acvrin001 acvrin002 acvrin003 acvrin004acvrin005The packaging isn’t as grand as the Royal Dress Saber but it’s still pretty decent.acvrin006The included instruction sheet.  No English side but it’s pretty self explantatory.
acvrin007acvrin008The base of the figure is barely “plain”.  The saving grace is the magical circle drawn onto the base.  It’s a nice design I suppose.acvrin009Rin comes equiped with Archer’s blades!  The detailing look pretty damn impressive on these.
acvrin010acvrin011acvrin012Rin can be displayed in two different posing options!  Of course you can have her without her weapons too, but I think she would look a bit weird sticking out her fits meekly.  This is the default posing option!
acvrin013acvrin014acvrin015acvrin016acvrin017acvrin018acvrin019acvrin020acvrin021Staying true to the source material, Rin’s face remains cartoony-like, not the usual tsundere face we all love and are used to.acvrin022acvrin023acvrin024acvrin025acvrin026acvrin027acvrin028acvrin029acvrin030acvrin031acvrin032acvrin033acvrin034acvrin035acvrin036acvrin037acvrin038acvrin039acvrin040acvrin041acvrin042acvrin043acvrin044acvrin045acvrin046acvrin047acvrin048acvrin049acvrin050acvrin051acvrin052acvrin053acvrin054And then there is this posing option for Rin!  Removing her “skirt/coast” is fairly simple and gives Rin a more moe and sexy display option.  My heart is melting!~acvrin055acvrin056acvrin057acvrin058acvrin059acvrin060acvrin061acvrin062acvrin063acvrin064acvrin065acvrin066acvrin067acvrin068acvrin069acvrin070acvrin071acvrin072acvrin073acvrin074acvrin075

It is fair to say that my expectations for this figure of Rin were met handily!  Stronger delivered exactly what they were advertising and I could not be more happier for it!  Rin looks as adorable in figure form as the the original source artwork.  Rin’s sculpt was spot on, detailing her deliciously curvy body with her clothing hugging tight to her skin.  Coloring was just as perfect as with the painting of the figure.  Removing and attaching parts were simple and flawless, paint transfer is pretty much nearly impossible unless you really scratch the pieces together.  There was some weird residue on Rin’s skin, you can sort of see it in some of my photos.  But it was easily wiped off without issue.  Not too sure what the oily substance was though.  All in all, I could not be happier with how this Rin turned out.  Definitely not on the level of the “Holiest of Grails” UBW Rin released by Good Smile Company.  But it’s definitely a good start for more moeish figures of her.  Now it’s Sakura’s time for some figure loving!

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