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Finishing off the final unboxing of my May 2016 AmiAmi figure order.  There IS one more figure coming in but I really have no idea when that one will be shipped, since I purchased it from a domestic store.  Hoping it is sooner than later.  But regardless this is a figure I have been waiting for anxiously since I preordered her a few months ago.  From my favorite ecchi-manga To LOVEru Darkness we have the delicious Kurosaki Mea at 1/7th scale from our friends at Alter!

Character: Kurosaki Mea
Origins: TO LOVEru Darkness (Manga/Anime)
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 8.19″
Companies: Alter (Manufacturer)
Artists: Amato (Sculptor), Tetsumori Nanami (Color producer)
Release: 5/13/2016
Price: ¥12,800

If you already me all of the girls from To LOVEru Darkness (TLD) are my waifus.  Mea has definitely crawled into my heart with her shenanigans from the manga.  ESPECIALLY this scene from the manga at which this figure of her is based off of!  Alter always seems to get their hands on some good material for their figures, this Mea being no exception.

Regardless this is the final figure of three from my monthly AmiAmi order.  She cost me ¥11,590 plus the grand total EMS shipping cost for all three figures.  As you can imagine I have been very much looking forward to this figure.  TLD and Alter together again?  Yes please!  Enjoy the photos!~

tlrdmeaa001 tlrdmeaa002 tlrdmeaa003 tlrdmeaa004tlrdmeaa005tlrdmeaa006Alter goes for their trademark “enviromental friendly box” for Mea.  I really do like these boxes compared to ones made of cardboard.tlrdmeaa007Really simple instruction sheet.  Pretty self-explantatory.tlrdmeaa008tlrdmeaa009Alter and their clear circular bases.  Which I am fine with consider how much effort they put into the actual figure.  Can’t imagine how much more Alter will charge if make mor fancier bases…tlrdmeaa010Attaching the table onto the base via pegs.  The table is really detailed.  I am highly impressed with how it looks.tlrdmeaa011tlrdmeaa012Since the figure only has one posing option I won’t bother you much with any more text.  Just enjoy the sexyness of Mea in this excellent looking figure!tlrdmeaa013tlrdmeaa014tlrdmeaa015tlrdmeaa016tlrdmeaa017tlrdmeaa018tlrdmeaa019tlrdmeaa020tlrdmeaa021tlrdmeaa022tlrdmeaa023tlrdmeaa024tlrdmeaa025tlrdmeaa026tlrdmeaa027tlrdmeaa028tlrdmeaa029tlrdmeaa030tlrdmeaa031tlrdmeaa032tlrdmeaa033tlrdmeaa034tlrdmeaa035tlrdmeaa036tlrdmeaa037tlrdmeaa038tlrdmeaa039tlrdmeaa040tlrdmeaa041tlrdmeaa042tlrdmeaa043tlrdmeaa044The figure is slightly censored compared to the artwork unforunately.  One of her tits are supposed to be popping out here.tlrdmeaa045tlrdmeaa046tlrdmeaa047tlrdmeaa048tlrdmeaa049tlrdmeaa050tlrdmeaa051tlrdmeaa052Another censorship report:  a piece of Mea’s inner “pink” is supposed to be showing her via artwork.  I understand why that did not make it to an Alter figure…tlrdmeaa053tlrdmeaa054tlrdmeaa055tlrdmeaa056tlrdmeaa057tlrdmeaa058tlrdmeaa059tlrdmeaa060tlrdmeaa061tlrdmeaa062tlrdmeaa063tlrdmeaa064tlrdmeaa065tlrdmeaa066tlrdmeaa068tlrdmeaa069tlrdmeaa070tlrdmeaa071tlrdmeaa072tlrdmeaa073tlrdmeaa074tlrdmeaa075tlrdmeaa076tlrdmeaa077tlrdmeaa078tlrdmeaa079tlrdmeaa080tlrdmeaa081tlrdmeaa082tlrdmeaa083tlrdmeaa084tlrdmeaa085tlrdmeaa086tlrdmeaa087tlrdmeaa088tlrdmeaa089tlrdmeaa090


Censorship aside, I could NOT be more happier with how Mea turned out!  Alter has done it again!  Mea looks absolutely adorable and sexual in this figure rendition!  We get the usual Alter awesome quality with her as well.  Top notch coloring, painting, detailing and the perfect the sculpt!  I just love everything about this figure!  It is a little bit/slightly disappointing that the figure had to censored.  But I can understand why Alter had to.  But frankly the figure looks soo damn good already it is acceptable!  Excellent work Alter!  Now give me more TLD figures, maybe of my number 1 waifu Momo next?

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