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Well summer has officially started for me so expect more of me now that I am not as busy.  Of course pending if I get lazy or distracted from video games, and we all know that I am pretty weak to those two.  But I am going to at least get the ball rolling with the rest of these unboxings.  Unboxing number 2 of the month is this month’s Alphamax and Skytube figure.  From artwork by Kizuki Aruchu is this original character titled “Hot Milk Girl” at 1/6th scale!

Character: Hot Milk Girl
Origins: Original Character (Illustration)
Other: Skytube
Scale: 1/6
Dimensions: Height – 5.46″
Companies: Alphamax (Manufacturer)
Artists: Hiro (Sculptor), Kizuki Aruchu (Illustrator)
Release: 5/20/2016
Price: ¥14,800

So getting straight to the point with this one, Hot Milk Girl (HMG) was part of a three item monthly order from AmiAmi.  I purchased the figure for ¥12,300 plus whatever the cost of shipping was for all three figures.  HMG is based off of artwork by Kizuki Aruchu, who is known for his eromanga release Maid Yome, whom cover girl art (Yuki) has been released as a figure by Orchid Seed in the past.  Regardless let’s just get straight to the photos.  I’ll keep the chatter to a minimum this time around, the laze is kicking in….

hmgsk001 hmgsk002 hmgsk003 hmgsk004hmgsk005A nicely designed box for HMG.  I really do like what Alphamax (AM) has been doing with their Skytube figures.
hmgsk006The instruction sheet.  No English as usual from AM.hmgsk007Included with HMG is this package of “attachable” liquid that you can put all over HMG.  I opted not to use it for this photo session since they are sort of a pain.  But you can check out my Akasaka Yuri unboxing for a look on how to use them.hmgsk008hmgsk009AM went with their “fluffy base” for HMG.  This seems to be a common theme for many figures nowadays.hmgsk010HMG comes with quite a bit of accessories and addons.  Asides from the headphones/PSP and the head piece though none of the others are really neccessary. But they are all still pretty neat and really detailed.hmgsk011hmgsk012hmgsk013hmgsk014hmgsk015hmgsk016hmgsk017hmgsk018hmgsk019hmgsk020hmgsk021hmgsk022hmgsk023hmgsk024hmgsk025hmgsk026hmgsk027hmgsk028hmgsk029hmgsk030hmgsk031hmgsk032hmgsk033hmgsk034hmgsk035Now starting things off is HMG’s default pose!  Also FYI I obiviously will not be going over all the combinatiions, since there will be dozens of variations.  But just the base options.hmgsk036hmgsk037hmgsk038hmgsk039hmgsk040hmgsk041hmgsk042hmgsk043hmgsk044hmgsk045hmgsk046hmgsk047hmgsk048hmgsk049hmgsk050hmgsk051hmgsk052hmgsk053hmgsk054hmgsk055hmgsk056hmgsk057hmgsk058hmgsk059hmgsk060hmgsk061hmgsk062hmgsk063hmgsk064hmgsk065hmgsk066hmgsk067hmgsk068hmgsk069hmgsk070hmgsk071hmgsk072hmgsk073hmgsk074hmgsk075hmgsk076hmgsk077hmgsk078hmgsk079hmgsk080hmgsk081hmgsk082hmgsk083Basic posing option by just removing her head piece.  I think she looks wayy better with the head piece overall.  But still really awesome.
hmgsk084hmgsk085hmgsk086hmgsk087hmgsk088hmgsk089hmgsk090hmgsk091hmgsk092hmgsk093hmgsk094hmgsk095hmgsk096hmgsk097hmgsk098hmgsk099hmgsk100hmgsk101hmgsk102hmgsk103Casting off HMG’s sweater and swaping the arm pieces with her secondary pieces gives you this tasty posing option!hmgsk104hmgsk105hmgsk106hmgsk107hmgsk108hmgsk109hmgsk110hmgsk111hmgsk112hmgsk113hmgsk114hmgsk115hmgsk116hmgsk117hmgsk118hmgsk119hmgsk120hmgsk121hmgsk122hmgsk123hmgsk124hmgsk125hmgsk126hmgsk127So popping her sweater back and them removing her panties gives you this option.  you can’t really tell shes not wearing panties though.hmgsk128hmgsk129hmgsk130hmgsk131hmgsk132hmgsk133hmgsk134But yes HMG has a nicely detailed va-vag-gav.hmgsk135hmgsk136hmgsk137hmgsk138Going for broke we have her final posing option!  Complete castoff goodness.hmgsk139hmgsk140hmgsk141hmgsk142hmgsk143hmgsk144hmgsk145hmgsk146hmgsk147hmgsk148hmgsk149hmgsk150hmgsk151hmgsk152hmgsk153hmgsk154hmgsk155

It’s really hard not to like what AM is doing with their Skytube figures.  HMG definitely continues that impression of their figures!  Simply a great looking figure!  HMG is stunning, sexy, and just looks damn perfect!  All the extras are excellent for variations in posing and display.  I don’t think I have ever seen a figure with this many different addon pieces.  Even those extras are detailed to perfection!  Castoff was simple and effortless.  I did find getting her earbuds into her ear a bit annoying but once you get it on once it seems to never give issue again.  All in all, HMG is an excellent figure and definitely worth the price IMO.

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