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Not very often do I actually get monthly orders in before the actual end of the month they are released!  I did sort of say I was going to start on these a bit earlier but I’ve been distracted by other things. namely video games.  Better late than never right?  Starting things off we have ANOTHER figure based off of artwork from Misaki Kurehito!  From the light novel turned Anime Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (Saekano) we have the delicious tsundere Sawamura Spencer Eriri at 1/7th scale from Good Smile Company!

Character: Sawamura Spencer Eriri
Origins: Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (Light Novel/Anime)
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 4.88″
Companies: Good Smile Company (Manufacturer)
Artists: ehenmushi (Sculptor), SOUYOKUSHA (Sculptor), Misaki Kurehito (Illustrator)
Release: 5/16/2016
Price: ¥10,000

Well let’s start this off information.  This is Good Smile Company’s (GSC) second Saekano figure.  The first being the very sexy Utaha-sempai released late last year (my unboxing  of that figure here).  Some might question why this figure is not completely overpriced even though it is of a popular character from a popular series.  Well these figures are part of GSC’s “affordable” figure line at which they mix ABS plastic with PVC to save at manufacturing costs.  ABS is the more malleable plastic than PVC but also has a higher chance of being deformed from higher temperatures and sunlight.  But at cutting the price of manufacturing, GSC can still focus other aspects of the figure, like the coloring, and still not have to charge an insane premium for their figures, I am looking at you Alter.  In this age of the ever so increasing cost of figures the lower prices for these figures are very welcomed.

Anyways I ended up ordering this figure from AmiAmi for ¥8,300, clearly much much cheaper than most figures.  She is part of a three item order from the store.  I was quite happy with how Utaha turned out so I was very much looking forward to what GSC could pull Eriri.  Let’s not delay this any further.  Onto the photos!

erierigsc001 erierigsc002 erierigsc003 erierigsc004erierigsc005erierigsc006Eriri came in a pretty huge box for a 1/7th scale.  Though mostly plain I did like GSC’s simple design.erierigsc007Here we have the double sided instruction sheet with an ENGLISH side!  Not sure why I get excited over something stupid like that…erierigsc008Included in the box is a postcard with the original artwork of Eriri by Misaki Kurehito.  A nice simple extra.erierigsc009Attached to the back of the postcard is this small box that you have to put together with some glue or tape.  I decided not to open it up for this unboxing.erierigsc010erierigsc011GSC included this fluffy base.  It’s a rather big base.erierigsc012All the accessories that are included with Eriri.erierigsc013Starting things off are a pair of school shoes.  Really shinny!erierigsc014The detailing on these are pretty nice.  Pretty impressive for a pair of shoes.erierigsc015erierigsc016erierigsc017Eriri’s pair of glasses.  Not those hipster non-lens nonsense.erierigsc018erierigsc019erierigsc020A folded up sweater.  It’s a pretty thick and heavy block of plastic.erierigsc021Again the detailing is quite something…erierigsc022erierigsc023And then finally we have the attachable jersey.erierigsc024So this figure has several more posing options than I was expecting, thanks to the variety of accessories and castoffable parts!  This, I suppose, is the default pose.
erierigsc025erierigsc026erierigsc027erierigsc028erierigsc029erierigsc030erierigsc031erierigsc032erierigsc033erierigsc034erierigsc035erierigsc036erierigsc037erierigsc038erierigsc039erierigsc040erierigsc041erierigsc042erierigsc043erierigsc044erierigsc045erierigsc046erierigsc047erierigsc048erierigsc049erierigsc050erierigsc051erierigsc052erierigsc053erierigsc054erierigsc055erierigsc056erierigsc057erierigsc058erierigsc059erierigsc060erierigsc061erierigsc062erierigsc063erierigsc064erierigsc065erierigsc066erierigsc067erierigsc068erierigsc069erierigsc070erierigsc071erierigsc072erierigsc073Moving onto the next posing option, we remove Eriri’s jersey and glasses and we have this pose!  We can of course pop her glasses back on or leave her jersey on without the glasses for a few more options.erierigsc074erierigsc075erierigsc076erierigsc077erierigsc078erierigsc079erierigsc080erierigsc081erierigsc082erierigsc083The color blending on her shirt is quite impressive.  The hints of blue in the white are really impressive.erierigsc084erierigsc085erierigsc086erierigsc087erierigsc088erierigsc089erierigsc090erierigsc091erierigsc092erierigsc093erierigsc094erierigsc095Moving on to the final pose of this post we can remove her skirt to reveal her panties!  Again there are other options that I did not partake in with my photos.  I didn’t want to risk any paint transfer so I didn’t mess with the jersey anymore.  But you can imagine the other combinations.  These are just the main basic ones.erierigsc096erierigsc097erierigsc098erierigsc099erierigsc100erierigsc101erierigsc102erierigsc103erierigsc104erierigsc107erierigsc108erierigsc109erierigsc110erierigsc111erierigsc112erierigsc113erierigsc114erierigsc115erierigsc116erierigsc117erierigsc118

Now I can’t say my expectations were that high for this figure going in.  I was impressed with Utaha-sempai, but with how “affordable” the figure was I wasn’t really expecting something great.  Well I can say for a fact that I am really damn impressed with this figure!  Eriri looks absolutely amazing!

GSC really hit this one out of the park.  Excellent sculpt, coloring and detailing.  It’s really hard to believe all of that with a figure with such a low price tag!  I think this figure even surpasses what GSC did with Utaha-sempai.  I really do love all the posing options the figure has to offer.  The figure definitely did not really need the extra fanservice, i.e removable skirt, but it is very much appreciated.

I really have no complaints over the figure.  Yes the figure is made of cheaper plastic, but that did not stop GSC from still pulling out a quality product that is surprisingly impressive!  Good Jawb GSC!

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