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The final unboxing of my monthly April orders is here!  This has been a figure that I have been very much been looking forward to.  It is again another Alphamax Skytube figure this time part of their T2 Art☆Girls collection!  It is another figure from the eroge Fault!! Ace this time of the lovely Saeki Ai at 1/6th scale based off of official artwork from Tony Taka himself!  Let’s get to it!

Character: Saeki Ai
Origins: Fault!! Ace (Eroge)
Other: Skytube, T2 Art☆Girls
Scale: 1/6
Dimensions: Height – 5.46″
Companies: Alphamax (Manufacturer)
Artists: EGG (Sculptor), Tony Taka (Illustrator)
Release: 4/26/2016
Price: ¥13,800

I have been pretty critical over these T2 Art☆Girls figures ever since Dragon Toys has dropped the ball on TWO Fault figures in the last year.  Alphamax (AM) has been on a role as of late, dropping some quality figures in their Skytube collection.  This will not be their first shot at a Fault!! figure nor will it be their first of Saeki Ai.  This is actually their second Saeki Ai figure, their first being one I unboxed way back in 2012 (proof here!)!  So needless to say I was pretty confident AM was not going to disappoint me, especially with such a great artwork to work with.

This is the third and final figure of my monthly AmiAmi order.  I opted for the “special AmiAmi edition” of the figure which included a small wall scroll of the original artwork.  In total the figure cost me ¥13,600 which was still cheaper than the MSRP!

Anyways babbling aside let’s get stra

saekiai2-001 saekiai2-002 saekiai2-003 saekiai2-004saekiai2-005 So there isn’t really much else I can say about AM’s box design that I have not said before.  I appreciate it.saekiai2-006 Much like the last Skytube figure I unboxed a day ago, the box on this figure has a flap that reveals the artwork and window of the figure itself.saekiai2-007 saekiai2-008So this the A3 wall scroll bonus that came with the edition I purchased from AmiAmi.  I usually don’t waste my money on these things ::cough:: but I couldn’t help myself!
saekiai2-009saekiai2-010And also included inside the box of all first prints of the figure is this post card of the original artwork.
saekiai2-011Instruction sheet.  Not in English but fairly easy to follow and understand.saekiai2-012I guess it is a thing now for Skytube to throw their extra accessories into a patterned box now.  I suppose they are trying to save on plastic?saekiai2-013And again we have the fluffy pillow base!  I do like these sort of bases instead of plain white circular ones.
So there are a few different posing options for Saeki Ai.  I believe I went through them all with the photos.  But this is the default pose!
saekiai2-014saekiai2-015saekiai2-016saekiai2-017saekiai2-018saekiai2-019saekiai2-020saekiai2-021saekiai2-022saekiai2-023saekiai2-024saekiai2-025saekiai2-026saekiai2-027Saeki Ai is one of those figures that you have to look at her at the right angle to see the beauty of her face.  She looks good regardless but this is the ideal angle.saekiai2-028saekiai2-029saekiai2-030saekiai2-031saekiai2-032saekiai2-033saekiai2-034saekiai2-035saekiai2-036saekiai2-037saekiai2-038saekiai2-039It is good to note that AM/ST fixed Saeki Ai’s right knee.  Tony Taka is known for his “abnormal” body contortions with some of his artworks.saekiai2-040saekiai2-041saekiai2-042saekiai2-043saekiai2-044saekiai2-045saekiai2-046saekiai2-047It really does impress me with how detailed they can get the tiny school emblem on the figure.saekiai2-048saekiai2-049saekiai2-050saekiai2-051saekiai2-052saekiai2-053saekiai2-054saekiai2-055saekiai2-056saekiai2-057saekiai2-058saekiai2-059saekiai2-060saekiai2-061saekiai2-062saekiai2-063saekiai2-064saekiai2-065saekiai2-066saekiai2-067saekiai2-068saekiai2-069saekiai2-070saekiai2-071saekiai2-072saekiai2-073saekiai2-074saekiai2-075So damn adorable!  I cannot get enough of her!

Now with a simple castoff, beware of potential paint transfer though, her shirt comes off and you have this posing option!

saekiai2-076saekiai2-077saekiai2-078saekiai2-079saekiai2-080saekiai2-081saekiai2-082saekiai2-083saekiai2-084The castoff rings are a bit loose without her shirt on.  So getting it on all the way might require some lack and patient, something I was lacking when I took these photos obviously.saekiai2-085saekiai2-086saekiai2-087saekiai2-088saekiai2-089saekiai2-090saekiai2-091saekiai2-092saekiai2-093saekiai2-094saekiai2-095saekiai2-096saekiai2-097saekiai2-098saekiai2-099Pop her shirt back on and remove her skirt, again beware paint transfer, and you have this posing option!  She looks adorable regardless of with clothes or not!saekiai2-100saekiai2-101saekiai2-102saekiai2-103saekiai2-104saekiai2-105saekiai2-106saekiai2-107saekiai2-108saekiai2-109saekiai2-110saekiai2-111saekiai2-112saekiai2-113That nice round booty.saekiai2-114saekiai2-115A little better shot of the Saeki Ai’s panties.  They are not removable.saekiai2-116saekiai2-117saekiai2-118saekiai2-119saekiai2-120saekiai2-121saekiai2-122Since we are looking down here let’s take a closer look at Saeki Ai’s vagina I suppose!saekiai2-123saekiai2-124Beautifully detailed if I say so myself.

Now removing both her shirt and skirt gives you her complete castoff option!  I don’t think there are any other combinations.  I’ll let you enjoy the rest of the photos of completely naked adorable Saeki Ai!


A bit longer of a photo session this time. Yes I have a Saeki Ai bias.  So I’ll get to the point with this figure.  I FUCKING LOVE HER!  Yep that wasn’t too surprising right?  AM released the Saeki Ai figure that I have been wanting since Dragon Toy botched up their release last year.  The artwork was a great choice that they were able to convert perfectly and possibly made better!

Saeki Ai looks absolutely adorable.  Whether slightly clothed or completely unclothed, the look on her face makes my heart scream.  AM’s EGG was able to sculpt this figure perfectly, even going as far as fixing some of Tony’s mistakes in his artwork, see her right leg for that.  The coloring is perfect topping that off with AM’s quality paint job.  Amazing.  Detailing is to the level of what I expect from AM now so no real surprises at how well it was here.  Her castoff was really simple though there are potentials to get some paint transfer at some places, under her armpit and her butt.

I can really see no “Faults” (see what I did there?) with her.  I suppose her castoff rings might be of some concern with how they do not attach all the way without her shirt.  And the potential of paint transfer.  But all of that I can live with because of how well she turned out!

So yea I love this figure.  She turned out as good as I was expecting.  Can’t really say she surpassed my expectations since she didn’t.  She was perfect as I expecting.  Pretty high standards I suppose but they were needed since I have been disappointed by some other Saeki Ai offerings before…  So ST how about giving me more Reiko figures or maybe even Mio figure.  Pretty please?  You can have my money now…

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