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Continuing along with the rest of the my April monthly figure order unboxings is number two of three!  We have a brand new Skytube figure based off of artwork of Misaki Kurehito, whose work shas been adapted by Alphamax and their Skytube line in the past.  Based off of an original illustration is this deliciously unlucky OL (office lady) Akasaka Yuri at (ignoring the typo in the cover image of the post) 1/6th scale !

yuriaka000a yuriaka000b
Character: Akasaka Yuri
Origins: Original Character (Illustration)
Other: Skytube
Scale: 1/6
Dimensions: Height – 4.49″
Companies: Alphamax (Manufacturer)
Artists: Hiro (Sculptor), Misaki Kurehito (Illustrator)
Release: 4/16/2016
Price: ¥14,800

Believe it or not but this will be the first of two Skytube figures I’ll be unboxing this month!  Pretty cool and rare to have two figures released from the same line in the same month.  As already mentioned, Akasaka Yuri is original character based off of original illustrations by Misaki Kurehito.  Akasaka Yuri is doning some typical OL attire that gets a bit messy…  Figure is 100% NSFW seeing how she is a castoff with some inappropriate accessories.  The figure has several posing options available via castoff and accessory placements.

Figure was part of my monthly orders from AmiAmi.  She cost me ¥12,280 plus whatever the total shipping cost was for the entire order.  Without further ado let’s get to the photos!

akayurisk001 akayurisk002 akayurisk003 akayurisk004akayurisk005akayurisk006A fairly standard looking but well designed box for the figure.  Alphamax (AM) usually does well with their packaging.  But no window?akayurisk007Of course there’s a window!  Just have to lift the top part of the box via tab.akayurisk008Pretty much all of the sides of the figure are showing off the artwork of Yuri.akayurisk009And under that flap is of course the window of the figure.  I really like this sort of box design.akayurisk010Included in the first prints of the figure are two postcards of the original illustrations.  One being the sort of SFW card while the second being the very NSFW card.akayurisk011Instruction sheet.  No English side as usual but it’s pretty easy to follow.akayurisk012One of the included accessories is this sheet of “stick-able jizz” you can put all over Akasaka Yuri.  They stick fairly nicely and are reusable so you can stick them back on the sheet if you want to keep her a bit more SFW.akayurisk013A nicely designed box that was on the back of the plastic blister.  It serves not real purpose other than to hold….akayurisk014The fluffy pillow like base!  You can sort of mold it to however you want but it’s pretty standard in shape.akayurisk015akayurisk016Also included in the box is this secondary pair of slip on pantsu for Yuri.  Nice pinkish color…

After removing all the plastic from her and with some really simple castoffs we start off with her default pose!

akayurisk017akayurisk018akayurisk019akayurisk020akayurisk021akayurisk022akayurisk023akayurisk024akayurisk025akayurisk027akayurisk028akayurisk029akayurisk030Akasaka Yuri has a mighty fine booty to boot.akayurisk031akayurisk032akayurisk033akayurisk034akayurisk035akayurisk036akayurisk037akayurisk038akayurisk039akayurisk040akayurisk041akayurisk042akayurisk043akayurisk044akayurisk045akayurisk046akayurisk047akayurisk048akayurisk049akayurisk050akayurisk051akayurisk052akayurisk053akayurisk054Spicing things up we remove her bra for this other posing option reveal her bear titties!  Things are starting to get hot boy n gals!akayurisk055akayurisk056akayurisk057akayurisk058akayurisk059akayurisk060akayurisk061akayurisk062akayurisk063akayurisk064akayurisk065akayurisk066Speeding along here, after removing her default panties we slip on her secondary pair to have it reveal her bare clean pussy.  You can also simply just remove her panties but I think she’ll look a bit weird with just her stockings.akayurisk067akayurisk068akayurisk069akayurisk070akayurisk071akayurisk072akayurisk073akayurisk074akayurisk075akayurisk076akayurisk077A fairly nicely detailed vagina for a figure if I say so myself.  AM usually does well in that regards to pussy detailing…akayurisk078akayurisk079akayurisk080Now I suppose you can remove her skirt completely to have another posing option!  This option reveals her glorious bare booty.akayurisk081akayurisk082akayurisk083akayurisk084akayurisk085akayurisk086akayurisk087akayurisk088akayurisk089akayurisk090akayurisk091An excellent round shaped booty for an OL.akayurisk092akayurisk093akayurisk094akayurisk095akayurisk096akayurisk097akayurisk098akayurisk099Originally I was not planning on plastering the “jizz” all over her.  But I just said fuck it in the end and did it anyways.  Of course you can pop the jizz on her whichever pose you like.  I went with the no bra, no skirt option only because I had it all set up like so.akayurisk100akayurisk101akayurisk102akayurisk103akayurisk104akayurisk105The “jizz” sort of just sticks onto the figure from one side.  It’s goes on fairly easily.akayurisk106akayurisk107akayurisk108akayurisk109akayurisk110akayurisk111akayurisk112akayurisk113

Now of course there are several other combinations of pieces for Yuri that I did not take photos of.  So there are several other options.  Just use your imagination for those I suppose…

I’ll keep it short and straight.  I am really damn impressed with this figure!  AM has been doing a great job IMO with their Skytube releases as of late and Akasaka Yuri is no exception to that!  She looks absolutely amazing.  Almost on point to the original illustrations.  Sculpt is beautifully crafted while the coloring and painting is spot on!  Great detailing overall on the figure, none of that Barbie-doll pussy here.

Castoff was simple and easy.  I had no real issues getting pieces on and off and it did not take forever to swap off parts.  There is a bit of a paint transfer issue with her jacket and body torso.  It’s not visible at all really since you cannot completely remove her jacket, but for purist might have issue with it.

The extra pair of panties were a nice additional and works well with her “alternative” NSFW illustration.  The fluffy pillow like base is a nice change from the typical plain white base AM gives with their SK figures.  The stickable jizz stickers were a really nice additional though.  It pretty much gives the figure an infinite amount of posing options.

So to put it all in single sentence: I love this figure!  AM does it again with another Misaki Kurehito illustration.  Here’s hoping for some more in the future!

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