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Well things still haven’t really picked up as I would have liked.  But I hopefully that should be ending soon, with the school year coming to the end and summer figure season starting up.  April wasn’t as busy as I was hoping, with most of my orders getting delayed.  But three of the eight so figures did make it out!  This is the first figure!  From the eroge turned Anime series Grisaia no Kajitsu, we have this adorable figure of Sakaki Yumiko at 1/7th scaled wearing a delicious bunny suit from Orchid Seed!

Character: Sakaki Yumiko
Origins: Grisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA- (Eroge/Anime)
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 10.34″
Companies: Orchid Seed (Manufacturer)
Artists: Minheru (Sculptor), Watanabe Akio (Illustrator)
Release: 4/21/2016
Price: ¥12,800

Well I have definitely been looking forward to this figure.  Based off of official artwork b the character illustrator of the game,Watanabe Akio, we have this figure of Yumiko.   Yumiko was part of a three item monthly order from AmiAmi.  She cost me ¥10,870 plus whatever the total shipping cost was for all three figures.  Not really much more else to say that the pictures wouldn’t say.  So I’ll get straight to it.  Feeling lazy so no comments until the end.  Enjoy!

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Yumiko definitely turned out as good as I was hoping she would!  Orchid Seed (OS) pulled out a quality release here!  Yumiko is absolutely adorable in this black bunny suit.  The detailing is amazing on this figure such as how her skintight clothing contours to her bending.  Her fishnet stockings are made of actual fabric and feel like a real pair.  The carrot “pillow/ballon” looks just like an inflatable pillow.

The coloring is perfect IMO, great blends of purple and black throughout the figure.  And the clear orange color of the carrot is really nice.

There isn’t much variety in posing.  With just a simple breast plate swap to just reveal her tits.  I suppose you could also remove the carrot, but it would make her look a bit awkward.  But honestly Yumiko looks too great as it is for that to matter.  Her booty is amazing with how her clothing and stockings emphasize it all.  Truthfully I suppose I go do without the castoff option, seeing how really minor it is.  But I do appreciate having options.

Removing the breast pad and carrot were super easy.  Usually OS gives us some complicated castoffs.  But with Yumiko it is super simple.  Removing the carrot is super easy with her hands being able to rotate around.  Unfortunately there is a small gap between her arms and hands.  Not really noticeable though.  Her breast pads are simple switch and swap.  No real effort needed tehre.

All in all I really dig this figure of Yumiko!  She looks great overall, I have no complaints with how she looks.  Excellent coloring and detailing.  Plus a great pose!  Couldn’t be happier with how she turned out!  Here’s hoping OS will bring the other Grisaia girls out with some nice figures in the future.

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