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Really slow month in terms of figure releases and previews.  But nonetheless I was able to get at least one of the figures that were supposed to come in, the other figure got unsurprisingly and disappointingly delayed.  This time we have a Love Live figure!  I wasn’t a much of a fan of Niko from the first season of the Anime, but somehow she grew onto me with the second.  This is my first Yazawa Niko figure at 1/8th scale by Good Smile Company.  This is Niko the Picnic Girl version!

Character: Yazawa Niko
Origins: Love Live! School Idol Project
Version: Picnic Girl
Scale: 1/8
Dimensions: Height – 7.8″
Company: Good Smile Company (Manufacturer)
Artists: Katahara Itashi (Sculptor)
Release: 3/17/2016
Price: ¥9,300

It is pretty rare to get an “affordable” Love Live figure, considering the extortion prices Alter charges for their figures (though I would argue it is worth it).  GSC decided to charge pretty low on this figure at under ¥10,000 which is a refreshing change.  I ended up ordering the figure from AmiAmi for ¥7,700 pus ¥1,860 for EMS shipping.  Total cost is a little bit over the suggested retailed price, not too bad!  Niko, as I was with Saber from Fate Stay Night, was not a character I cared too much about until recently.  Being the first figure of her that I jumped on I was mildly excited for the figure.  Plus it’s a nice change of pace to get a Love Live figure not from Alter for once.

I was going to try something different with the images this time around, tried using a image slider, but that did not turn out too well…  I am going to experiment with some different plugins this week, maybe even tried coding something myself.  But for today enjoy the usual the long line of photos.

nicopic001 nicopic002 nicopic003 nicopic004nicopic005You can sort of see the “sparkling glitter-like” spots on the box.  The packaging was covered in this stuff.  Overall it is a fairly nice box.  Felt a bit more “premimum” than some of the past GSC packaging.
nicopic006The double sided instruction sheet with Japanese and English instructions.  Fairly straight forward instructions.  Not too sure why the picnic basket “accessorries” were not just glued into the basket…nicopic007And then we have the weirdly patterned circular base.  Sort of looks like marble tiling.
nicopic008And then the said picnic basket and the “accessories”.nicopic009nicopic010The basket is fairly detailed well.  If I didn’t know any better I would had guessed it was made from actual straw and not a plastic mold.nicopic011And here we have a thermas.  It is oddly shaped like a dildo but I can assure you it is not one.nicopic012nicopic013And we get two bento boxes with smiley faces on them.  I wished I had such adorable bento boxes for myself.nicopic014Everything arranged in the basket.nicopic015The figure only has one posing option.  I guess you can rearrange the contents of her basket to a give a little bit of “variety”.  But nonetheless this is what you will get with this figure.nicopic016nicopic017nicopic018nicopic019nicopic020nicopic019nicopic020nicopic021nicopic022nicopic023nicopic024nicopic025nicopic026nicopic027nicopic028nicopic029nicopic030nicopic031nicopic032nicopic033nicopic034nicopic035The detailing on her shorts are pretty impressive.  Wish GSC would ALWAYS release figures like this.  I am still a little mad with what they did with Inorinicopic036nicopic037nicopic038And the shoes!  Wow impressive.  Almost as good as what Alter did with their amazing Chitoge figure.nicopic039nicopic040nicopic041nicopic042nicopic043nicopic044nicopic045nicopic046nicopic047nicopic048nicopic049nicopic050nicopic051nicopic052nicopic053nicopic054nicopic055nicopic056nicopic057nicopic058nicopic059nicopic060nicopic061nicopic062nicopic063nicopic064nicopic065nicopic066nicopic067nicopic068nicopic069nicopic070

A fairly shorter unboxing than what I usually do with my excessive photos.  Niko was a surprisingly amazing figure!  I sort of had mix feelings with GSC with their figures in the past but they have been doing a decent job with their recent figures, especially this one of Niko!  The sculpt of the figure is near identical to the original artwork this figure is based off of.  The coloring is perfect with her, pretty much to the same extent of Alter figures.  Detailing is what blew me mind here.  Her clothing looks as real as plastic can get.  Her picnic basket, if I had not known it were plastic, I could had easily mistaken it for a straw basket.  What makes this figure even more great is the her low low price tag!  Love Live figures usually will burn a hole in your wallet, but this one is competitively priced, for once, but is still cheaper than some of the other Love Live offerings!  I could not had been more happy with this figure!  Try to grab her if you can but I imagine she will be sold out by now…

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