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Annnd we’re back with the final figure unboxing of my February 2016 orders!  In for a treat with this figure.  We have a brand new Daiki Kougyou figure of the cover girl of Akiyama Kenta’s eromanga “Gakuen Yuugi”, Ueno Chika!  She is an alluring school girl at 1/6th scaled that is completely castoffable! Love, rage, and hate coming up with this unboxing!

Character: Ueno Chika
Origins: Gakuen Yuugi (Hentai Manga/Cover Girl)
Scale: 1/6
Dimensions: Height – 9.75″
Companies: Daiki Kougyou (Manufacturer)
Artists: Akiyama Kenta (Illustrator), Kirishima Buru (Sculptor)
Release: 2/18/2016
Price: ¥13,500

Chika was a figured that was delayed from an original December 2015 release to January 2016 and then to the final February release date.  Quite honestly I forgot I even preordered this figure until the invoice came in.  Not that it was a figure that wasn’t worth remembering, just that so many figures have been released I sort of lost track of what I ordered.  Anyways it’s been a while since my last Daiki Kougyou figure unboxing.  Based off of another cover girl, this time from Akiyama Kenta’s eromanga Gakuen Yuugi.  Chika is ironically only on the cover of the book, those pig tails are nowhere to be seen in the book.  She was the second of two figures from my AmiAmi monthly order.  She was ¥11,200 plus whatever the shipping cost was for the two figures.  I spent a bit more time with this figure than Maya, more on that reason later.  But enough babbling let’s get to the unboxing!

uchika001 uchika002 uchika003 uchika004uchika005Chika came in a rather large “flat” box.  The blister wasn’t really holding in the base so it got loose from the shipping.  Other than that I was not expecting the box to be this big.uchika006And of course the plain ass base that got knocked out of the blister.  It’s really damn plain.  No effort was given to designing this base.uchika007And all of the optional pieces that came with the figure.uchika008You get a bra pair that “looked” easy enough to get on… Hahahaha…uchika009Secondary pair of panties.  Looked to be a “snug” fit on Chika…uchika010uchika011And a secondary set of arm pieces that covers her breast instead of pulling down her undies.

Being a complete casttoff figure with multiple alternative pieces, there are multiple posing options for Chika!  Sadly though the pieces were not so agreeing with being put on…  Starting things off is her default pose.

uchika012uchika013uchika014uchika015uchika016uchika017uchika018uchika019uchika020uchika021uchika022uchika023Her blazer/shirt refused to stay latched on.  No matter how hard I tried pushing the pieces together.  It would eventually de-attach.  Really annoying.  The nice thing though are the shirt collar and sleeves that are not connected to the blazer.  Makes removing them a lot easier but also much more difficult to get on just right…

uchika024uchika025uchika026uchika027uchika028uchika029uchika030uchika031uchika032uchika033uchika034uchika035uchika036uchika037uchika038As you can see, it is really hard to get the pieces to stay in one place.  The collar would always somehow move from the slightest touch.uchika039uchika040uchika041uchika042uchika043uchika044uchika045uchika046uchika047

Going backwards in the posing options is this with her secondary panties on blazer off and her secondary arm pieces covering her breasts.  The panties were a massive bitch to get on.  Had to stretch the plastic to some pretty uncomfortable levels for it to latch on.  Even then it looks kind of weird…uchika048uchika049uchika050uchika051uchika052uchika053uchika054uchika055uchika056uchika057uchika058uchika059uchika060You can sort of see how the panties latch on from the right of her hip.  I think I spent a good hour or so stretching it so it would be long enough to latch on.  If you are uncomfortable pulling or stretching the plastic of your figures.  This may not be the figure for you… uchika061The detailing on the panties are pretty good though.  The slight “dark marks” really make them look like a “used pair” of panties.uchika062uchika063uchika064uchika065uchika066uchika067uchika068uchika069uchika070uchika071uchika072uchika073uchika074uchika075Swapping back on her primary arm piece gives you this posing option!  I skipped the same arms and top pieces but switching to the primary panties for another posing option.  Of course both reveal her modestly sized breasts.uchika076uchika077uchika078uchika079uchika080uchika081uchika082uchika083uchika084uchika085uchika086uchika087uchika088uchika089Popping on the last of her additional pieces is her bra.  Again some massive stretching was required to get her bra on completely.  It seems like its an RNG thing really.  Some people had issues with their pieces while others had the perfect batch.  Sadly mine was not one of those perfect batches…  Swapping on her secondary arm pieces has her trying to cover her bra.uchika090uchika091uchika092uchika093uchika094uchika095uchika096uchika097uchika098Popping back on her primary arm pieces gives us this option.uchika099uchika100uchika101uchika102uchika103uchika104uchika105uchika106uchika107uchika108Going even more backwards, popping back on her primary panties will give us this sexy posing option.  I did not know you could had pulled the panties up as much initially.  So it’s a bit more SFW.  Not really.uchika109uchika110uchika111uchika112uchika113uchika114uchika115uchika116uchika117uchika118uchika119You can sort of see how her bra is barely staying latched.  It took quite a bit of time to pull the plastic to get it to hook.  Daiki needs give their pieces some more slack so we don’t have to manually stretch these damn things.

And then finally going all out completely castoff with her primary arm piece.  I skipped the full castoff plus secondary arm piece to save time.  I spent a considerable amount of time trying to get these pieces to hook on completely…uchika120uchika121uchika122uchika123uchika124uchika125uchika126uchika127uchika128uchika129uchika130uchika131uchika132uchika133uchika134uchika135And that vagina and butthole!  Daiki does not shy away with detailing those parts.uchika136uchika137uchika138

So I’ll get straight to the point.  Ueno Chika is a great looking figure with lots of posing options via castoff and piece swapping.  She looks almost exactly like the original artwork by Akiyama Kenta.  Sculpt and coloring are really great looking and her detailing is pretty damn good.  If it were just the looks and appearance of the figure, Chika would be a damn good figure.  However the castoff was a much bigger pain to deal with then I would had liked.

Her blazer was impossible to get to stay latched together.  Her removable shirt sleeve and collar, though made casting off her blazer easier, was just as difficult to get to stay in the correct spot.  The most annoying pieces were her secondary panties and bra.  Out of the box, at least for me, the pieces were not made big enough to hook around the figure.  I spent a good hour trying to stretch her panties so it could go around her hip to latch on.  The same with her bra.  These pieces need to made with enough slack so it could go around the figure and connect.  It should not be made to the exact size but larger, since plastic does shrink when cooled.  Honestly I don’t think I remember the last time I raged this hard over not being able to easily swap pieces of a figure.

All in all Chika is a pretty great figure in terms of appearances only.  The castoff woes are hardly worth the effort and sadly made me feel a bit ripped off with the price.  Again this all could be RNG, since some people were able to get their pieces on perfect.  I just think we all could had had a perfect figure if they made the pieces a little bit larger so even if the pieces do shrink it would still be big enough to connect.   It sad because the figure looks soo damn good!

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