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February orders are in!  For the second month in a row all of my orders, this time it’s only two figures, have made it in by the end of the month!  Starting things off is a figure I have been very much been looking forward.  From The Tony Taka eroge game turned Anime ‘FAULT!! S’ is this brand new figure of the alluring Kamiwazumi Maya at 1/6th scale by Alphmax’s Skytube figure line!

Character: Kamiwazumi Maya
Origins: FAULT!! S (Eroge/Hentai Anime)
Other: Skytube, T2 Art☆Girls

Scale: 1/6
Dimensions: Height – 10.14″
Companies: Alphamax (Manufacturer)
Artists: EGG (Sculptor), Tony Taka (Illustrator)
Release: 2/16/2016
Price: ¥13,800

I don’t think I need to really say much how I have been looking forward to to this figure.  Alphamax’s past FAULT!! Skytube figures all really impressed me, like I can really say those figures are some of my favorites from my collection.  So when they showed off two new figures of the Maya and Ai (coming out next month) of course I got excited!  As I already mentioned, this is Alphamax’s second Maya figure.  Just like the first it is based off of official Tony artwork from the FAULT!! S eroge.  This is the first figure of two from my February orders.  I ordered her from AmiAmi with an exclusive wall scroll for ¥13,600.  Without further ado let’s get to the unboxing!

maya2001 maya2002 maya2003 maya2004maya2005maya2006maya2007Alphamax’s packaging is pretty similar to their past FAULT!! figures with the flap package cover.  Really nice design and color overall though.
maya2008I ordered the figure from AmiAmi and opted to get their “limited edition” release that includes this small wall scroll of the original artwork.maya2009Here is the wall scroll hang up on my wall.  It’s pretty small but looks pretty good.  I do not regret!maya2010And of course with Alphamax going the way of native, their first initial release comes with a postcard of the original artwork.  More of that delicous Maya artwork!maya2011The simple to follow instruction sheet.  No English translations or anything but again the pictures are pretty self-explanatory.maya2012People are complaining over why Maya is wearing two pairs of panties.  Apparently this is just a “sports” panties that girls wear over her real pair of panties.  I guess the idea of not showing your real panties while playing tennis aggressively is better?  Japan logic.
maya2013maya2014Similar base to what was released with Reiko.  Pretty plain but I like the design and look of it.maya2015As you can imagine being a full castoff figure there will be several posing options for Maya!  This is the default pose with how she is in the original artwork!maya2016maya2017maya2018maya2019maya2020maya2021maya2022maya2023maya2024maya2025maya2026maya2027maya2028maya2029maya2030The slight clear white shade of the her shirt is to simulate how sweaty her clothes have gotten after a nice practice.  The sweat of her white shirt of course would reveal the delicious pinkness of her skin. maya2031maya2032maya2033maya2034maya2035maya2036maya2037maya2038maya2039maya2040maya2041maya2042maya2043maya2044maya2045maya2046maya2047maya2048maya2049maya2050maya2051maya2052maya2053maya2054maya2055maya2056maya2057maya2058maya2059maya2060maya2061maya2062maya2063maya2064maya2065maya2066maya2067maya2068maya2069maya2070maya2071maya2072maya2073maya2074maya2075maya2076maya2077maya2078Remove her top and you have another posing option!  Of course you can have it without her “sports” panties also.  I sort of wished she came with a secondary arm piece to replace the default ones.  She sort of looks awkward with her default.maya2079maya2080maya2081maya2082maya2083maya2084maya2085maya2086maya2087maya2088maya2089maya2090maya2091maya2092maya2093maya2094maya2095maya2096maya2097maya2098maya2099maya2100maya2101maya2102maya2103Skipping right to the end is the complete castoff option!  Maya is completely bare here.  Again a second set of arms would had been nice to make her look less awkward.maya2104maya2105maya2106maya2107maya2108maya2109maya2110maya2111maya2112maya2113maya2114maya2115maya2116maya2117maya2118maya2119Since Maya is from an eroge, which exposes her bare vagina regardless, Alphamax hooked us up with a pretty detailed vagina.  None of that Barbie doll shit here.maya2120maya2121maya2122

Not going to lie.  I wasn’t expecting this figure of Maya to be anything less than amazing.  I am happy that Alphamax did not betray my expectations!  Maya looks absolutely gorgeous!  Her sculpt is a near perfect rendition of the original artwork.  She has a nice pump breasts and butt combined with a perfect curvy body.  The coloring and painting is spot on with this figure.  The colors look pretty much exact from the artwork.  Whiling the coloring detailing, especially on her clothing with the slight see-thru, are amazing.  Castoff is extremely simple with this figure, I had pretty much no problems swapping and casting off pieces.  With that the figure has several posing options that definitely adds value.  Not that she needed it, since I think she looks great with her default.

I don’t really have any issues with the figure,  Though as usual I would had liked a better base overall.  A second arm set would had been nice too for when you remove her top.  She does look a bit awkward completely castoff’ed with her arms and hands pulling off “air”.  A secondary arm set that has her arms downwards or maybe trying to cover her breasts would had been awesome.  But of course if you don’t have to remove her shirt.

Overall I am really damn happy with how Maya turned out.  She looks stunning and definitely, IMO, worth every penny.  I highly recommend her!  Stay tuned for the final unboxing sometime later this week!

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