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Well a bit delayed but here is the final figure unboxing of my January 2016 orders!  Just in time before the Winter WonFes flood in the upcoming days!  This is the second Alter figure of the month, something that does not happen often at all.  From Hobby Japan’s Hyakka Ryouran, Samurai Girls, is this figure of Gotou Mantabei at 1/8th scale.  She is the Kenki version which is part of the “Master Samurais”.

Character: Gotou Matabei
Origins: Hyakka Ryouran (Hobby Japan/Anime)
Version: Kenki Ver. (Master Samurai ver.)
Scale: 1/8
Dimensions: Height – 8.19″
Companies: Alter (Manufacturer)
Artists: Aketagawa Noboru (Color producer), Takahashi Tsuyoshi (Sculptor)
Release: 1/13/2016
Price: ¥12,800

This Matabei is an original design and sculpt.  Alter tends to do an excellent job with original designed figured.  The figure was initially set to be released in November of 2015 then to December then finally to January 2016.  This is the final figure of the my January monthly orders and the third from my AmiAmi order.  The cost cost me ¥11,900 plus whatever the total EMS shipping cost was for the package.  I am going to keep this one short so no more text until the end.  Yes I am hella lazy ATM.  Enjoy!

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Alright so that was a buttload of photos for this figure.  January ended up being a pretty big figure unboxing month, with five brand new figures!  How did Matabei turn out compared to the rest?  HELLA DAMN GOOD!  Alter is no stranger to blowing my mind when it comes to delivering quality figures!  Matabei looks absolutely amazing.  Her original sculpt and design are perfect.  Her delicious sexy curves and nice round booty are portrayed excellently.  The coloring and painting are, as usual, perfect.  Alter is making a name for themselves with how they handle their coloring for their figures.  The blends of purple and blue in her hair look amazing.  I could not be happier with how Matabei turned out!  ALL HAIL ALTER!

As you can imagine I am losing my mind here writing this.  So I’ll end this all with a high recommendation for this figure.  Really she looks great.  Alter does it again!

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