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Continuing along with the rest of my January 2016 figure orders.  This will be the fourth figure of the month, out of five total.  Of course this figure is another one of my many Animu waifus, it’s an ever growing list btw,  From the light novel turned Anime IS: Infinite Stratos is this original figure of the lovely Charlotte Dunios at 1/7th scale from Max Factory!

Character: Charlotte Dunois
Origins: IS: Infinite Stratos (Light Novel/Anime)
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 9.75″
Companies: Max Factory (Manufacturer)
Artists: Frex (Sculptor)
Release: 1/18/2016
Price: ¥16,000 

Since the figure is of an original design I randomly picked a “moe” fan art of Char and popped it above.  Looks like they based the figure off of her Anime designs and went with an original pose.  I ordered this figure from AmiAmi and was she was part of my monthly orders from the site, the second of three figures.  Char cost me ¥12,930 plus whatever the total was for EMS shipping for all three figures.  The figure was announced way back in 2014.  Believe it or not the figure actually came out on time~!  A bit surprising coming from MF, who are known for delaying figures often.  Don’t know what else to say so we will get straight to the photos!

charmf001 charmf002 charmf003 charmf004charmf005charmf006MF’s packaging is pretty nice.  The box is elegantly designed.  Nice big windows and excellent artwork placements.
charmf007The double sided instruction sheet.  English is on the back side.  It is recommended to take a look at it for how to insert the rings.  Though I think the instructions are incorrectly labeling the rings.charmf008The three rings that you plug into the base.charmf009The gun piece that you attach to the top of her arm piece.  The detailing on this thing is pretty nice.charmf010charmf011charmf012The base is pretty plain, but with the added rings and whatnot make it look a bit better.charmf013There is only one posing option for Char.  But it is an excellent pose!  MF really sculpted and engineered a beautiful figure!  I’ll let the photos do the talking for now!  Enjoy!charmf014charmf015charmf016charmf017charmf018charmf019charmf020charmf021charmf022charmf023charmf024charmf025charmf026charmf027charmf028charmf029charmf030charmf031charmf032charmf033charmf034charmf035charmf036charmf037charmf038charmf039charmf040charmf041charmf042charmf043charmf044charmf045charmf046charmf047charmf048charmf049charmf050charmf051charmf052charmf053charmf054charmf055charmf056charmf057charmf058charmf059charmf060charmf061charmf062charmf063charmf064charmf065charmf066charmf067charmf068charmf069charmf070charmf071charmf072charmf073charmf074charmf075charmf076charmf077charmf078charmf079charmf080charmf081charmf082charmf083charmf084charmf085charmf086charmf087charmf088charmf089charmf090charmf091charmf092charmf093

January is turning out to be an amazing figure month.  Each and every figure of the month has delivered.  They all have easily meet and bypassed my expectations.  So how did Char turn out in this month of greatness?  Well.  I.  REALLY.  LOVE. THIS.  FIGURE!  Holy balls has MF really blew my expectations out of the window with this figure!  I already had high expectations prior to this.  And even then MF managed to bypass those expectations, by a large margin!

Char looks absolutely amazing.  By far one of the best looking Char figures out there IMO.  Almost everything is perfect with this figure.  From the excellent sculpt and pose.  The look of the figure from the base with the rings around her look amazing.   It’s a work of art if anything.  Her coloring and painting are amazing.  There are pretty much no noticeable flaws with the paint job.  The coloring is bright, vivid, and is perfectly blended.  Taking a look at her gun arm tells a lot of the paint job, with the awesome metallic glossy look and perfect blending.  The detailing on Char is definitely something I have grown accustom to with MF.  With Char though they took it to the next level and it leaves us with an excellent figure!

Price is definitely an issue with this figure, Char is by no means cheap or affordable.  But I honestly think that she is worth every penny!  Such an amazing looking figure!  I could not be happier with how Char turned out!  If you have the money and were on the face for this Char, I wholly recommend getting her!  Good stuff MF~!

The final unboxing will be later this week, probably Friday.  So look forward to it then.

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