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Believe it or not, all of my January orders are already in!  Everything made it in before the end of the month!  This is a pretty rare occurrence that only happens like once whenever all the planets align and the moon shines blue.  This is the third figure of the monthly orders and the first of three from AmiAmi.  Another rare occurrence as this is the first of two Alter figures released this month!  From TO LOVEru Darkness we have Kotegawa Yui at 1/7th scale!

Character: Kotegawa Yui
Origins: TO LOVEru Darkness (Manga/Anime)
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 8.97″
Companies: Alter (Manufacturer)
Artists: Hoshina Eimi (Color producer), Teruyuki (Sculptor)
Release: 1/7/2016
Price: ¥11,800

Yui is probably my number two TO LOVEru Darkness waifu, next to Momo.  I skipped out on a OrchidSeed’s Yui that was released a few or so ago only to hop instantly on this one by Alter!  She was originally set to be released in November 2015, but we all know how that is during that that time of the year.  Yui is the first of three figures part of my monthly AmiAmi order.  From AmiAmi she cost ¥10,480 plus whatever the cost of the EMS shipping package was for all three figures.  Nonetheless I was pretty excited to get this figure, especially with seeing how GREAT Alter has been.  Without further ado let’s get started with the unboxing!

akoteyui001 akoteyui002 akoteyui003 akoteyui004akoteyui005akoteyui006Alter is back with their cost and eco efficient packaging!  A sturdy hard clear plastic box with some itchings and artwork throughout.akoteyui007The included instruction sheet, which shows how to insert the included book accessory in between her hands.akoteyui008The included notebook of the anti-ero committee!  Looks pretty nicely detailed and all.akoteyui009akoteyui010akoteyui011And of course expecting an amazing base would be asking for too much from Alter.  A simple base with some simple text.  The metal rod peg to hold the figure in place was nice.akoteyui012Surprisingly Alter hooked us up with two posing options for Yui!  Like I did not expect it!  Really awesome!  Here is her default pose though which looks amazing already as it is…  I’ll let the photos do the talking here.akoteyui013akoteyui014akoteyui015akoteyui016akoteyui017akoteyui018akoteyui019akoteyui020akoteyui021akoteyui022akoteyui023akoteyui024akoteyui025akoteyui026akoteyui027akoteyui028akoteyui029akoteyui030akoteyui031akoteyui032akoteyui033akoteyui034akoteyui035akoteyui036akoteyui037akoteyui038akoteyui039akoteyui040akoteyui041akoteyui042akoteyui043akoteyui044akoteyui045akoteyui046akoteyui047akoteyui048akoteyui049akoteyui050akoteyui051akoteyui052akoteyui053akoteyui054akoteyui055akoteyui056akoteyui057akoteyui058akoteyui059akoteyui060akoteyui061akoteyui062akoteyui063akoteyui064akoteyui065akoteyui066akoteyui067akoteyui068akoteyui069akoteyui070And then finally the surprise second posing option!  You can remove her skirt to expose Yui with just her sexy white pantsu!akoteyui071akoteyui072akoteyui073akoteyui074akoteyui075akoteyui076akoteyui077akoteyui078akoteyui079akoteyui080akoteyui081akoteyui082akoteyui083akoteyui084akoteyui085akoteyui086akoteyui087akoteyui088akoteyui089akoteyui090akoteyui091akoteyui092akoteyui093akoteyui094akoteyui095akoteyui096akoteyui097akoteyui098akoteyui099akoteyui100akoteyui101

I am going to start sounding like a broken record with Alter figures pretty soon, especially with how this figure of Yui turned out.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!  This figure is beyond perfect!  Alter has this skill about them to somehow make their figures look wayyy better than the original artwork or design it is based off of!  Insane!  Alter sculpted a beauty of a figure here.  The sculpt is excellent.  Alter really captured the deliciousness of Yui’s bode here hidden beneath her clothing.  The coloring is amazing as usual from Alter.  The color matches really well with the artwork.  With that the detailing is also amazing, look at those wrinkles in her vest!  And that little extra removable skirt was a really nice surprise.  I couldn’t be happier with how Yui turned out!  Totally worth!

The final two unboxings for January will be done sometime later this week.  Look forward to them!

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