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With less than 3 days left of my break, sort of had an extended winter break, going to try to get the rest of the January figure unboxings in.  And yes the rest of the orders are already in!  This is another exclusive figure this time from the fine folks at AMAKUNI and Hobby Japan.  From the light novel turned manga turned Anime “Maoyuu Maou Yuusha” or in English “The Devil King and Hero” we have the curvy Maou (Devil King) at 1/7th scale in some sexy overalls!

Character: Maou (Demon King)
Origins: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (Light Novel/Manga/Anime)
Version: Overall ver.

Other: Exclusive
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 8.58″
Companies: Amakuni (Manufacturer), Hobby Japan (Distributor)
Artists: Uchijima Yasuhiro (Sculptor)
Release: 1/15/2016
Price: ¥13,000 (Regular), ¥14,000 (Limited)

January ended up being a rather big figure month, with a total of 5 figures arriving!  This figure of Maou is the second to arrive this month and the second exclusive figure.  Originally set to be released in November 2015, AMAKUNI delayed this figure of Maou two months later into the New Year, January 2016.  Like with most Hobby Japan figures Maou came in two different SKU’s: a regular and a limited that included a clear file poster and a double sided pillow case.  Of course I opted for the more expensive limited edition for the extras.  I ordered the figure from Nippon-Yasan for ¥15,450 plus ¥2,740 SAL shipping.  Nippon-Yasan’s packaging is always questionable but Maou arrived just fine fortunately.  So without further ado let’s get straight to the photos!

maouov001 maouov002 maouov003 maouov004maouov005A slightly different box design this time from AMAKUNI this time.  Not the thick ass cardboard like their The Seven Deadly Sins figures.  Feels way lighter and “ecofriendly”…maouov006With the limited edition you get this clear file folder with the artwork.
maouov007maouov008Also included with the limited edition is this double sided pillow case!  Really moe!maouov009And then the accessories and extra swappable pieces!maouov010A basket of “demon” potatoes which detaches from one side so you can slide it in between her hands.maouov011maouov012The detailing on the potatoes are pretty damn insane!maouov013A swappable front hair bangs piece.  You can switch her from “Demon King Mode” to “Sensei Mode”…maouov014maouov015And the pitchfork rake.maouov016maouov017maouov018The detailing and coloring on this thing is amazing!maouov019And for once we don’t get a boring plain base!  Instead we get this heavy premium looking base!  The water-colored like colors looks great.maouov020There are really only two posing options for Maou.  Of course the accessories can be removed and whatnot but asides from the rake, which the figure looks fine without, the basket is pretty much mandatory.  This is Maou’s default posing option!maouov021maouov022maouov023maouov024maouov025maouov026maouov027maouov028maouov029maouov030maouov031maouov032maouov033maouov034maouov035maouov036maouov037Hmm them delicious curves…maouov038maouov039That coloring and detailing on that booty..  Erm I mean them deim overalls!
maouov040maouov041maouov042maouov043maouov044maouov045maouov046maouov047maouov048maouov049maouov050maouov051maouov052maouov053maouov054maouov055Them dirty bags!  Well the detailing on her chest is pretty damn nice overall!maouov056maouov057maouov058maouov059maouov060maouov061maouov062maouov063maouov064maouov065maouov066maouov067maouov068maouov069maouov070maouov071maouov072maouov073maouov074maouov075maouov076The pitchfork goes right into base.  Rather simple.maouov077maouov078maouov079maouov080maouov081maouov082maouov083maouov084maouov085maouov086And now for the final posing option!  With a simple hair piece swap you get the “human” Maou in some sexy deim overalls!maouov087maouov088maouov089maouov090maouov091maouov092maouov093maouov094maouov095maouov096maouov097maouov098maouov099

I had my doubts over whether I should had ordered this figure when I had.  Now that I have her though, I can safely say that I do not regret buying her one bit!  AMAKUNI has once again delivered an excellent figure!  Maou is so damn sexy in her deim overalls!  Perfect coloring and detailing as seen like the faded blue of her overalls.  Excellent sculpting with how deliciously curvy her body is.  Her pose is damn perfect!  She definitely looks a lot more like her Anime design in figure form than as it is in the artwork, but that is just fine with me.  Adorable looking face that can be viewed in any angle.  No real complaints besides the price, wishing Hobby Japan starts shipping to the US.  All and all a damn perfect figure!  Excellent job AMAKUNI!

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