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It’s the end of January and the first month of 2016!  While it does not happen often sometimes we get monthly orders in the month it is actually released and that is the case with this exclusive figure from native!  The first exclusive native figure of the year this time being based off of artwork from saitom!  This is Kangoshi Momoi, or Nurse Momoi, at 1/7th scale “Standard ver.”!

Character: Kangoshi Momoi (Nurse Momoi)
Origins: Original Character
Scale: 1/7
Version: – Standard Version –
Dimensions: Height – 7.22″
Companies: native
Artists: Kawanishi Ken (Sculptor), saitom (Illustrator)
Release: 1/8/2016
Price: ¥19,000

Now it seems to be a trend for manufacturers to release multiple SKU’s of figures.  native is pulling that shit with Momoi here.  Momoi came in two different versions: a standard with the examination chair base, and a simple version that just comes with a beanie bag base.  Of course I opted for the more expensive “Standard version” which cost ¥19,000 plus ¥2,000 EMS shipping from the native global store.  Momoi was initially set to be released in November of 2015 but was delayed several months into the New Year.  Being based off of artwork the legendary saitom, a really popular eromanga/doujinshi artist, this figure will be his second “hentai figure” ever to be released!  There isn’t much else to say so let’s get straight to the photos!

momoin001 momoin002 momoin003 native usually doesn’t go too all out on their packaging, keeping it all simple.  Momoi, despite looking really big with her base, fitted in an decently sized pink box.  The packaging is pretty simple but the simple design, from the red cross on the front, is really excellent.momoin004Much like every other native figure released, you get a nice little postcard of the artwork!
momoin005The really simple to follow instruction sheet.  Not in English this time around, I do vaguely remember native’s last figure having English instructions.  But everything was fairly simple with the figure in terms of casting off pieces and whatnot.momoin006And then the small accessory pieces you can attach onto Momoi!momoin007The stethoscope goes around Momoi’s neck.  It’s a fairly snug fit so it shouldn’t be a problem to get on.momoin008momoin009Momoi’s nurse cap is the second accessory piece.  There is a magnet under the bottom of the hat and a polarized opposite on Momoi, so the hat just sticks right onto her head.  Simple!momoin010momoin011momoin012And then of course the thing that made this figure the “Standard ver”…  The examination chair base!momoin013You can adjust the pieces of the base to whatever you like, giving Momoi so slightly different posing options with the base.momoin014momoin015momoin016There are a few posing options for Momoi depending on the accessories and base adjustments you like.  I personally think there are two main posing options for Momoi.  This is one of them and her default!momoin017momoin018momoin019momoin020momoin021momoin022momoin023momoin024momoin025momoin026momoin027momoin028momoin029momoin030momoin031momoin032momoin033momoin034momoin035momoin036momoin037momoin038momoin039momoin040momoin041momoin042momoin043momoin044momoin045momoin046momoin047momoin048momoin049momoin050momoin051Momoi’s nicely sculpted boobs.  Can’t ask for anything better!momoin052momoin053momoin054momoin055momoin056momoin057Really nice detailing on Momoi’s laced knee socks!  I think those are called knee socks…momoin058momoin059momoin060momoin061momoin062momoin063momoin064momoin065momoin066momoin067momoin068momoin069momoin070momoin071momoin072momoin073momoin074momoin075momoin076momoin077momoin078momoin079momoin080momoin081momoin082momoin083Removing her panties, which involves removing really much all of her other pieces to get to, is fairly simple and leads us to Momoi’s secondarily pose!
momoin084momoin085momoin086momoin087momoin088momoin089momoin090momoin091momoin092momoin093A fairly nice but simple detailed vagina.  Not a flaming pussy like with some of native’s other figures.momoin094momoin095momoin096momoin097momoin098And that tiny butthole!  So adorable?!?!momoin099momoin100momoin101For additional posing options you can remove her nurse cap.  Same can be done with her stethoscope.  Personally I don’t think the figure looks right without her cap.  Whatever floats your boat I suppose.momoin102momoin103momoin104momoin105

First native figure of the year and I can say right off the bat, I am pretty damn impressed with Momoi!  native took an excellent saitom artwork and translated it into a beautifully crafted and sculpted figure!  Momoi looks great from her sculpt, pose, coloring and detailing!  Detailing is a little rough at some places but it is nothing to cry about.  In terms of quality I think native is slowly getting to where they were in terms of topnotch quality before.

I do love the examination chair base, but don’t know if it warrants a ¥6,000 price increase from the simple version.  The chair is really damn nice though, with the adjustable pieces and all.  But that price increase?  I don’t know…

Overall I really do love Momoi!  native delivered an excellent figure in almost all aspects.  I do have to question the price increase from the simple to standard version.  I think Momoi looks great as she is so maybe the simple version may be more people’s cup of tea.  I am definitely more excited for whatever upcoming native figure has now that Momoi turned out quite nicely!

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