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Welp all I can say is it’s about time I finally received this book!  Think I already mentioned before in a few posts of how big of a fan I am of Yamatogawa’s works.  When Project-H announced they will be releasing all of Yamatogawa’s works I had to get them!  Boing Boing, known as Tayu Tayu, is one of Yamatogawa’s earlier tanks released in 2009.  It just happens to be one of my favorite books, next to Power Play anyways.  The book also saw a recent H-Anime release from Queen Bee with a second episode coming out this month!

I initially preordered the book from Amazon.  After the August release date passed and a few months of not knowing I would get the book from Amazon I canceled my order and ended up picking it up from Rightstuf.  Ironically after I canceled my order and reordered it Amazon magically got some books in stock…  Massive troll…  But that’s all behind me now and I finally got my hands on this book!  Rightstuf had the book priced at $14.96 which is about 30 cents more than Amazon’s price before taxes so it ended up being cheaper…  I had to order 45 dollars worth of stuff to get the free shipping though, luckily preordering books gets you the free shipping also…  Anyways it took about a week for the book to arrive in the mail so it wasn’t too bad.

Now for some badly taken cellphone photos!



The synopsis of the book if you want to read it straight from the back of the book.  Pretty amusing summary if I say so myself.



Way to start the book off with a beautifully colored front page!  Wish the whole book was colored but I suppose you can resort to the H-Anime for a full-colored experience.


Some more full-colored goodness!  In the original Japanese tank release these pages were like a giant poster that you an cut out fold up and have as a mini fapping material book.  I don’t mind Project-H blowing up the images and having them as regular pages.

IMG_20131112_210806 IMG_20131112_210829 IMG_20131112_210855 IMG_20131112_210912 IMG_20131112_210924

Seems like I took some more closer photos of some of my favorite scenes in the book.  Sorry for the bad angles and whatnot, it’s hold to hold my phone in one hand to take a photo and with the other hand to hold open the book…

IMG_20131112_211348 IMG_20131112_211412

The hot Sion and Midori action at the beginning was really great.  As you can see Project-H’s uncensoring work is really excellent!

IMG_20131112_211446 IMG_20131112_211512

Sion was by far my favorite girl in the whole book.  I think her scenes were the hottest in the book.  I really dig her type of character too.  The cool chick who wasn’t afraid for to express herself and grab a hold of what she wants…  In this case Rei’s cock…


IMG_20131112_211630 IMG_20131112_211648

Alright so I’m not going to comment too much of Boing Boing the book but more so of Project-H’s rendition of the work.  It’s a great book with over the top sex scenes and blasts of cum, a staple of Yamatogawa’s works.  The story is as straight forward as a hentai could get with some really lovable and hot characters.  Maximum fap material here!

Now Project-H really has impressed me with their first Yamatogawa’s release, How Good Was I? which I looked at here.  Boing Boing is really no different!  Project-H didn’t skimp out on anything here.  Translation is pretty similar to that of the scanlation group YQII with a few differences.  Everything made sense and there was no awkward wordings like you would find with some scanlated works.  What I was really impressed with though was Project-H’s uncensoring work!  Everything looked great!  Really awesome job here Project-H!  Hope they continue this great work with Power Play.

Now would I recommend this book?  Hell the fuck yeah!  Granted eromangas isn’t for everyone but if you’re one of the few that are into these works be sure to grab this book!  Project-H really deserves you’re business and it supports further eromanga releases.  Let’s not let this industry die out in the west like H-Animes did.  Now I eagerly wait for Power Play next month and the other Yamatogawa books next year…

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