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Due to some personal and family issues this unboxing took a bit longer to get done then I had promised.  I’ll talk more on the issue later on when I am ready to, but for now time for a super overdue figure unboxing!  The very last of my December 2015 orders is this figure from the web series Neko no Wakusei (Planet of the Cats) from Embrace Japan!  This is Chu-kana Neko to Isu at 1/8th scale!

Title: Chu-kana Neko to Isu
Origins: Neko no Wakusei (Planet of the Cats) (Original)
Scale: 1/8
Dimensions: Height – 7.8″
Companies: Embrace Japan (Manufacturer)
Artists: Fukumoto Noritaka (Sculptor), Mamecchi (Illustrator)
Release: 12/24/2015
Price: ¥13,000

Probably going to keep this one short for “reasons”.  But this figure was the second and last of a two figure order from AmiAmi.  Embrace Japan is a manufacturer that I do not have many experiences with, I think the only figure I own from them is that excellent Sinon figure from last year, so to say my expectations are not that high for the figure.  Honestly thinking back on it now I am not too sure why I even wanted this figure.  Well regardless I ended up buying it and now she is here.  Ordering her from AmiAmi cost me ¥10,990 plus whatever the shipping cost was for the two figures.

Going to keep the text short with this figure.  I didn’t go too crazy with the photos this time around, didn’t bother with color correcting anything.  So not quite my best unboxing, but it is what it is.  Let’s get started!

chukana001 chukana002 chukana003 chukana004chukana005chukana006Embrace Japan hooked us up with a fairly nice box.  I really do dig the design of the packaging here.  Plus the easy to remove tape is rather nice.
chukana007chukana008The double sided instruction sheet.  Kind of hard to follow just by the pictures.  So pray that you can figure it out if you purchase her.chukana009The chair base is pretty nicely designed and colored.chukana010chukana011chukana012chukana013chukana014All the little accessories and extras the figure comes with.chukana015The key cat which I forgot to add to the photos of the figure posing.  Derp…chukana016chukana017chukana018The swapable torso piece, with Chu’s bare breast exposed…chukana019chukana020A medal necklace that you can use to wrap around Chu.  It’s a bit of a pain to get around so I only had it on her for the initial posing.chukana021Chu has several different posing options.  I found it hard to get her head in an “ideal” postioning for posing.  Not sure if it was how I had her head in or how I placed her on the base.  But regardless her head is rather hard to see at some angles.chukana022chukana023chukana024chukana025chukana026chukana027chukana028chukana029chukana030chukana031chukana032chukana033chukana034chukana035chukana036chukana037chukana038chukana039chukana040chukana041chukana042chukana043chukana044chukana045chukana046chukana047chukana048chukana049chukana050chukana051chukana052chukana053chukana054chukana055Secondily pose is removing her panties from her default torso piece.  You cannot have her without her skirt though.  Kind of odd.chukana056chukana057chukana058chukana059chukana060chukana061Another posing option with her second torso piece.  No skirt since it doesn’t fit but with her panties on.  I started getting more lazy here btw…chukana062chukana063chukana064chukana065chukana066chukana067chukana068chukana069chukana070chukana071chukana072chukana073chukana074chukana075chukana076And just like that her final pose with her secondly torso and no panties.  Of course there are more options with or without the chain.chukana077chukana078chukana079chukana080chukana081

So I’ll just get straight to the point with this figure.  While I do not regret buying her.  I am not really that impressed.  Yes my expectations were already low but man I was at least looking forward to something to peak my interest.  The figure isn’t bad overall.  Good coloring and paint job.  Her pose is nice and the castoff is simple.  The issues I found were that her head piece was impossibly hard to get into the second torso piece.  And getting her perfectly on the base is a bit hard to get.  I wasn’t really impressed with the figure overall.  I guess I didn’t really see the value of the figure overall.  Nice figure, but not something I would buy again.

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