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The last of my orders from 2015, that were not delayed anyways, are finally in!  With that I have my first figure unboxing of 2016!  Super exciting!  We are starting off the year with a brand new Orchid Seed figure, which ironically makes three OS figures in a row.  From Frontwing’s eroge series, Sengoku Tenshi Djibril, we have Ayanokouji Aoi at 1/7th scale a sexy bunny suit based off an original illustration!

Character: Ayanokouji Aoi
Origins: Sengoku Tenshi Djibril (Eroge)
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 8.58″
Companies: Orchid Seed (Manufacturer)
Artists: Kuuchuu Yousai (Illustrator), Minheru (Sculptor)
Release: 12/21/2015
Price: ¥10,000

Sengoku Tenshi Djibril is the 5th game in Frontwing’s Makai Tenshi Djibril series.  Because of “Anime reasons” the characters from the series were transported to the Sengoku era.  This figure of Ayanokouji Aoi is based off of official artwork by Kuuchuu Yousai, the character designer from the Djibril series.  OS did manage to release the figure on schedule, mind blowing right?  This figure is the first of two figures that made it out of the month of December and not getting delayed.  I ordered Aoi from AmiAmi for ¥8,490 and was part of an two item order with a SAL shipping cost of ¥2,090.  I decided to go for SAL Small Packaged Registered shipping this time instead of EMS because it was quite a bit cheaper and I found that SAL ships quicker around this time of year.

Well I won’t delay this any further, let’s get straight to the unboxing!

stdaoi001 stdaoi002 stdaoi003 stdaoi004stdaoi005A fairly basic box and packaging from OS.  The box is nicely designed with some nice big windows to showcase the figure.  Really small packaging too, something that is typical from OS I suppose.
stdaoi006A standard plain ole base.  OS tried to spice it up a bit with some flower petals and some “Sengokuish” font.  It’s not a terrible base but yeah…Aoi only comes in one posing option!  Really nothing else here to see.  Her head is removable and the her little neck fluff piece can be removed but both serve no purpose being removed.stdaoi007stdaoi008stdaoi009stdaoi010stdaoi011stdaoi012stdaoi013stdaoi014stdaoi015stdaoi016stdaoi017stdaoi018stdaoi019stdaoi020stdaoi021stdaoi022stdaoi023stdaoi024stdaoi025stdaoi026stdaoi027stdaoi028stdaoi029stdaoi030stdaoi031stdaoi032stdaoi033stdaoi034stdaoi035stdaoi036Aoi’s adorable nipples…  Really don’t know what else to say…stdaoi037stdaoi038stdaoi039stdaoi040stdaoi041stdaoi042stdaoi043stdaoi044stdaoi045There is some fairly nice detailing on Aoi’s gloves and clothing.
stdaoi046stdaoi047stdaoi048stdaoi049stdaoi050stdaoi051stdaoi052stdaoi053stdaoi054stdaoi055stdaoi056stdaoi057stdaoi058stdaoi059That little extra detailed slit….stdaoi060stdaoi061stdaoi062stdaoi063stdaoi064stdaoi065stdaoi066stdaoi067stdaoi068stdaoi069stdaoi070stdaoi071stdaoi072stdaoi073

Well that was a fairly quite unboxing compared to my last few.  OS definitely delivered what they set out to deliver with this figure of Aoi.  Aoi is absolutely damn adorable here.  OS really sculpted her well to reflect the original illustration.  Her pose is the usual OS fanfare, girl on her knees with exposed tits.  Nothing wrong there if OS can continue doing it all right!  Coloring and detailing were great as expected with no visual QA flaws in slight!  Good stuff!

Now there isn’t anything wrong with how the figure looks itself, Aoi looks ridiculously adorable despite her little clothing malfunction.  And the overall workings of the figure were all excellently done.  I just sort of wished there was more to the figure.  Maybe some castoff options to spice it up and give the figure a bit more value.  As it is, even with the price discount from AmiAmi, I think the figure is a bit overpriced for what you get.  Yes value shall be an issue this year!

But in all honestly there is absolutely nothing wrong with Aoi.  She looks great and OS did a great job sculpting her!  Again I just wished there were some “more” to her to justify the price.  But if price isn’t an issue, she is a damn great fine figure!  Great way to start off 2016!

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