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It’s finally the end of the year and also with it my final figure unboxing of the year!  It has been a long year with plenty of great figures but it all comes down to this, at least for me.  This is the seventh and LAST figure of my November 2015 order.  It’s a Hobby Japan exclusive and also “SURPRISE SURPRISE!” another Alter figure!  That’s three Alter releases, though this is an exclusive, from November!  From another popular Hobby Japan series, Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls, we have Uesugi Kagekatsu at 1/8th scale~!

Character: Uesugi Kagekatsu
Origins: Hyakka Ryouran (Anime/Hobby Japan)
Other: Exclusive
Scale: 1/8
Dimensions: Height – 13.26″
Companies: Alter (Manufacturer), Hobby Japan (Publisher)
Artists: Aketagawa Noboru (Sculptor)
Release: 11/27/2015
Price: ¥13,000 (Regular), ¥14,000 (Limited)

Alright so this was the one figure that was not part of my AmiAmi order, since it is an Hobby Japan exclusive.  I ended up ordering the limited edition figure that included an extra “poster” from my usual exclusive store Nippon-Yasan for ¥14,620 plus ¥2,640 for SAL shipping.  It’s pretty decent price given the limited edition cost and the fact that it is from a secondary retailer.  The packaging to the figure did come a bit damaged, which is odd seeing how much bubble wrap N-Y wrapped the package in and how there was no damage on the actual shipping box.  This leads me to believe that the packaging was damaged prior to N-Y shipping the package to me.  No big deal seeing how the fortunately the figure was alright, even though somehow the actual blister of the figure was damaged.  Regardless on forth to the final unboxing of the year!

uesugikaga001 uesugikaga002 Kind of hard to see but near the bottom of the packaging you can see a bit of a indenture.  This was the the damage to the packaging I was talking about.  This also caused some damage to the plastic blister inside.  Though the figure was fine thankfully.uesugikaga003 uesugikaga004uesugikaga005uesugikaga006Hobby Japan’s box design is fairly nice.  Kind of similar to what Alter usually does with their packaging.  No windows though, which is not an uncommon thing for exclusive figures.  You should know what you are getting when you buy these exclusives I suppose.uesugikaga007uesugikaga008The double sided poster thing that was included in the limited edition.  Mine has some folding dents in it with how N-Y shipped it, it was wrapped around the packaging under the bubble wrap.  I sort of regret paying extra for it though, seeing how it’s really just a flimsy piece of poster paper.  Would had been nice to laminate it or something…uesugikaga009The instruction sheet was pretty simple to follow, even if I couldn’t read a thing on it.  It’s not as simple as Ikea instruction sheets but almost.  Much like Alter’s Kirisaki Chitoge, Uesugi is suspended in the air by a metal stick.  The instructions show that the stick needs to go pass her knee in order for her to upright.  That is a very important fact for this figure.uesugikaga010

And the only accessory for the figure is Uesugi’s bow!  Amazing detailing!  Her left hand is attached to this, so it is fairly easy to attach to the actual figure.
uesugikaga010uesugikaga011uesugikaga012The detailing is amazing on this bow!uesugikaga013uesugikaga014uesugikaga015Plain ole circular base.  I do like the blackish finish and the gold engravings.  I guess the base does look a bit more “premium” than the usual plain bases Alter has for their figures.

There is only one posing option for this figure!  No substitutions.uesugikaga016uesugikaga017uesugikaga018uesugikaga019uesugikaga020uesugikaga021uesugikaga022uesugikaga023uesugikaga024uesugikaga025uesugikaga026uesugikaga027uesugikaga028uesugikaga029uesugikaga030uesugikaga031uesugikaga032uesugikaga033uesugikaga034uesugikaga035uesugikaga036uesugikaga037uesugikaga038uesugikaga039uesugikaga040uesugikaga041uesugikaga042uesugikaga043uesugikaga044uesugikaga045That detailing on her rope belt!  Literally looks just like a rope belt.  Would had been awesome if they made it feel like actual rope too.uesugikaga046uesugikaga047uesugikaga048uesugikaga049uesugikaga050DETAILS! DETAILS! DETAILS! DETAILS!uesugikaga051uesugikaga052uesugikaga053uesugikaga054uesugikaga055Gotta appreciate Anime girl booty.uesugikaga056uesugikaga057uesugikaga058uesugikaga059uesugikaga060uesugikaga061uesugikaga062uesugikaga063uesugikaga064uesugikaga065uesugikaga066uesugikaga067uesugikaga068uesugikaga069uesugikaga070uesugikaga071uesugikaga072uesugikaga073uesugikaga074uesugikaga075uesugikaga076uesugikaga077uesugikaga078uesugikaga079uesugikaga080uesugikaga081uesugikaga082uesugikaga083uesugikaga084uesugikaga085

It’s has been one hell of a year for figures.  What a perfect figure to end it all with!  I really can’t say how much I am impressed by this figure.  Alter has once again and rightfully so blew my mind with this release!  Uesugi looks damn amazing!  Perfect sculpt that, in my opinion, suppresses the actual original artwork the figure is based off of.  The whole metal stick holding the figure up was something I was worried about physicswise with Chitoge, but Alter sent my worries away with their masterful engineering. Coloring is perfect as usual for Alter.  I would had liked it if they went with the actual color scheme of the artwork, the blend of green into Uesugi’s hair.  I think Alter would had done that perfectly if they tried, a bit disappointed that they didn’t bother.  But the coloring for everything else on the figure is amazing.  Alter really does make you appreciate their efforts in their detailing.  From the design on her skirt to the slight markings on her bow, EXCELLENT STUFF!  There’s really nothing, beside the disappoint in lack of the color green, that I dislike about the figure.  Uesugi is nearly perfect and IMO well worth the money!  What a way to end the year!

And that is that for the final figure unboxing of 2015!  Unfortunately my December orders, which were two figures, won’t make it in time for an unboxing this year.  But regardless I think November offered plenty for two months worth of orders.  A final post on New Years Eve if you are interested.  Otherwise HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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