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Well I tired really hard to not preorder another figure, in fact I skipped out on one recently just so I wouldn’t be over my quota.  But somehow right before the end of the year I end up back to where I started last year in terms of number of figures ordered…  And of course it would be another Hobby Japan exclusive The Seven Deadly Sins figure.  This figure is being brought to us by AMAKUNI and is another figure part of their Maou Mokushiroku figure line.  At 1/7th scale we have the adorable Beelzebub in some festive summer clothing while snacking on some “festival” snacks…


AMAKUNI never really completely “follows” the original artwork at which some of their figures are based off of.  That is true here with this Beelzebub though not as “extreme” unlike some of their other releases.  Their sculpt is “slightly” changed a bit from the artwork, with her right arm being straight out instead of bent upwards.  Regardless she will be 1/7th scale at a height of about 8.97″ tall.  She will be partially castoffable with several swappable oddly-shaped “snacks”.  She will be released as a Hobby Japan mail-in exclusive in two different versions a regular (¥12,300) and a DX version (¥13,300) that will include a two-sided hand towel.  She will be released in August 2015.

beelzemm001 beelzemm002
beelzemm003 beelzemm004
beelzemm005 beelzemm006
beelzemm007 beelzemm008

Don’t think I need to say much to why I want this figure even after denying myself of some other possible preorders for the next year.  First of all the figure is set to be release late next year in the summer.  And knowing AMAKUNI’s track record I can expect the figure to get delayed even further.  Secondly the figure is so damn adorable!  Just like their first Beelzebub figure, she is just soo cute!  The little interestingly shaped “foods” are a nice little addition.  There’s not much more to really say here.  I really am looking forward to this figure and continue to grow my TSDS collection!

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