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First Alter and now Orchid Seed with multiple releases in one month?  These manufacturers are really rushing to get these figures out before the end of the year!  Finishing up the last two figures from my November 2015 order we have the last of my AmiAmi purchase!  It’s pretty rare to have a “The Seven Deady Sins” (TSDS) figure not released from AMAKUNI and Hobby Japan but this figure is one of those rare occasions.  Here we have the lovely sin of Envy, Leviathan in some sexy hot pants, labeled “Hanketsu Hot Pants no Setsu” version part of the Maou Mokushiroku series!

Character: Leviathan (Envy)
Origins: The Seven Deadly Sins (Original)
Other: Maou Mokushiroku, Hobby Japan
Version: Hanketsu Hot Pants no Setsu

Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 8.58″
Companies: Orchid Seed (Manufacturer)
Artists: Tanaka Masanori (Sculptor)
Release: 11/19/2015
Price: ¥13,500

This is the second OS figure of the month of November.  It’s really rare for such a fate to happen, much like with Alter.  What’s even more amazing is that the figure was able to be released on time with no delays in their initial release time frame! AMAZING!  That all aside though this is a figure I’ve been kind of looking forward to.  Probably out of all of the “Sins” Leviathan has to be my favorite.  This is the last figure of my AmiAmi package of six figures.  Total cost of shipping was a whopping ¥7,920 through EMS with the figure costing me ¥11,500.  The shipping costs were alright considering the size of the overall package.  This figure of Leviathan is part of Hobby Japan’s “Maou Mokushiroku” series set for TSDS.  It’s basically all the alternative figures from the series that’s not part of their main “pedestal” series.  Get ready for a flood of photos!

levitanos001 levitanos002 levitanos003 levitanos004levitanos005levitanos006I actually really like what OS did with their packaging here.  Not really a standard box but slightly thin and longer.  The figure comes with a lot of parts so that makes a bit of sense.levitanos007English side to the including instruction sheet.  I did’t really bother reading it since it’s pretty self explanatory.  It did not list the many options for piece swapping which would had been nice.  But I suppose figuring that out yourself is all part of the joys.levitanos008Plain of purple base with some engravings on the surface.  It does look nice at least.  Not all of her posing options allow for usage of the base though.  you can plug up the holes on her feet with an optional shoe sole piece.levitanos009The various pieces you can swap Leviathan with!  There are many options for this figure as you can tell.  And the castoff is fairly simple for once!  The options are so vast that I even forgot one, remembering it after I cleaned up from the photoshot…

Regardless here is the default posing option of Leviathan on the base!

levitanos010levitanos011levitanos012levitanos013levitanos014levitanos015levitanos016levitanos017levitanos018levitanos019levitanos020levitanos021levitanos022levitanos023levitanos024levitanos025levitanos026levitanos027levitanos028levitanos029levitanos030levitanos031levitanos032levitanos033levitanos034levitanos035levitanos036levitanos037levitanos038levitanos039I had some issues trying to keep her hot pants up all the way.
levitanos040levitanos041levitanos042levitanos043levitanos044levitanos045levitanos046levitanos047levitanos048levitanos049levitanos050levitanos051levitanos052levitanos053levitanos054levitanos055levitanos056levitanos057levitanos058With many of her pieces being swap-able you can also remove her hot pants from her legs also!  You simply just snap it off from the side and pull it down with her left leg removed.levitanos059levitanos060levitanos061levitanos062levitanos063levitanos064levitanos065The booty without the hot pants hanging off of it is just as alluring with it on.levitanos066levitanos067levitanos068levitanos069Of course it would not be TSDS figure without some visible titties!  Her breast chest are removable and you can swap in her without her bra!  Also another option of course would be to remove her hot pants also.levitanos070levitanos071levitanos072levitanos073levitanos074levitanos075levitanos076levitanos077levitanos078levitanos079levitanos080levitanos081levitanos082Now you can swap her bottom off and snap on the secondly shoe soles for an option with her off the base!  The hot pants wont fit with these legs.
levitanos083levitanos084levitanos085levitanos086levitanos087levitanos088levitanos089levitanos090levitanos091levitanos092levitanos093levitanos094Swappable breast piece?  Yes another posing option!levitanos095levitanos096levitanos097levitanos098levitanos099Swapable torso piece allows for more posing options!  You can also attach this to her primary legging parts for a straight leg posing option.  I only realized I forgot about it after I finished taking photos…
levitanos100levitanos101levitanos102levitanos103levitanos104levitanos105levitanos106levitanos107levitanos108levitanos109levitanos110levitanos112levitanos113levitanos114levitanos115levitanos116levitanos117levitanos118levitanos119levitanos120levitanos121levitanos122levitanos123levitanos124And of course you can swap her breast piece onto this.  Again other option would be to have her default leggings piece here.levitanos125levitanos126levitanos127levitanos128levitanos129levitanos130levitanos131levitanos132levitanos133levitanos134levitanos135levitanos136levitanos137levitanos138levitanos139levitanos140levitanos141levitanos142levitanos143levitanos144

So first things first.  The value of this Leviathan is absolutely amazing!  There are sooo many posing options available with the many swapable pieces and accessories!  The value is really high with this figure!  Now with that aside there really is nothing wrong with this figure!  Leviathan is super adorable and hot (depending on posing choice).  I sort of wished her “hot pants” played a bigger role in this figure, it sort of feels a bit lacking with everything else doing on.  But that is acceptable with how great this figure looks overall.  Great sculpt and design as usual.  Detailing is amazing and coloring is perfect.  Part swapping is a breeze with little to no contact for paint transfer is also a massive plus.  There’s really nothing that I dislike about this figure!  Also given that GREAT value with the figure this makes it pretty much perfect!  Orchid Seed really put together a great figure here and I wish they would do more TSDS figures in the future like this Leviathan!

Final unboxing of the year will be up by Wednesday, while I may get an end of the year post done on Thursday.  Also possibly another preorder?

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