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It is X-Mas Eve so what better than an early present in a form of a brand new figure unboxing! Continuing along with the rest of my November 2015 orders we hit number five of seven!  This is a particularly odd one considering the season and time but I suppose somewhere in the world such an outfit is acceptable right now!  Winter is here and figure girls are still coming out strong in super revealing suitsuits and sporting hot tan lines!  That is the case with this figure from Orchid Seed.  Based off of a cover girl from COMIC Jun-ai Kajitsu is this illustration by Kiya Shii titled Natsuiro Shoujo Manatsu-chan at 1/7th scale!

Character: Manatsu-chan
Origins: COMIC Jun-ai Kajitsu (Cover Girl)
Other: Natsuiro Shoujo Manatsu-chan
Scale: 1/7
Dimensions: Height – 6.05″
Companies: Orchid Seed (Manufacturer)
Artists: Kiya Shii (Illustrator), Minheru (Sculptor)
Release: 11/26/2015
Price: ¥10,000

Initially set for a October 2015 release, OS delayed Manatsu-chan until late November, which isn’t really too surprising considering OS’s track record.  Much like many other OS figures, Manatsu-chan follows their usual figure recipe.  Have a cover girl in a revealing outfit, in this case a swimsuit, have some sort of fashion meltdown while having the sculpt in a kneeling pose.  All of which is found with this figure!  Nonetheless I was drawn to the figure by her “extreme” tan-lines!  This is another figure from my six item AmiAmi order which cost me ¥8,500 not including the massive EMS shipping cost for the whole package.

This should be a quick one since there wasn’t many “posing” variations that were meaningful.  Regardless enjoy the photos!

manatsuchan001 manatsuchan002 manatsuchan003 manatsuchan004manatsuchan005Manatsu-chan came in the smaller box of the bunch.  Really OS didn’t need much room for this figure.  Pretty clean design with many windows and various artwork and photos of the figure.manatsuchan006The super akward instruction sheet with an English side!  Getting the “ice cream banana” on was the hardest part honestly.manatsuchan007Plain ole base for the cheaps.  I wasn’t really expecting anything special here.manatsuchan008And then you have the three “accessory” pieces for Manatsu-chan!  An ice-pop, ice-cream banana, and some ice cream jizz…manatsuchan009manatsuchan010manatsuchan011Quite honestly there is only one posing option for Manatsu-chan.  There is possibly a second if you want to remove the ice cream jizz, but not including the other accessories would just make Manatsu-chan look awkward.  Here is her default pose!manatsuchan012manatsuchan013manatsuchan014manatsuchan015manatsuchan016manatsuchan017manatsuchan018manatsuchan019manatsuchan020manatsuchan021manatsuchan022manatsuchan023manatsuchan024manatsuchan025manatsuchan026manatsuchan027manatsuchan028manatsuchan029 manatsuchan030 manatsuchan031 manatsuchan032manatsuchan033manatsuchan034manatsuchan035manatsuchan036manatsuchan037manatsuchan038The sexy tan-lines!  The coloring is really well done here.manatsuchan039manatsuchan040Her bikini top is not removable.  They really dig into her breasts.  Would be kind of pointless to have them removable I suppose since her tits are already forunately sticking out in plain day.manatsuchan041The ice cream jizz oozing down her chest into the pockets of her breasts…  Very tasty!manatsuchan042manatsuchan043manatsuchan044manatsuchan045manatsuchan046manatsuchan047manatsuchan048manatsuchan049manatsuchan050manatsuchan051manatsuchan052Here’s a shot with the ice cream jizz removed from her chest.  I suppose if you wan’t her to look less “sexy” you can remove them.  Preferences really.manatsuchan053manatsuchan054manatsuchan055manatsuchan056manatsuchan057manatsuchan058manatsuchan059manatsuchan060Interestingly enough Manatsu-chan has some castoff rings on her arms.  But the arms do not come off, or at least I don’t think they do.manatsuchan061manatsuchan062manatsuchan063manatsuchan064manatsuchan065manatsuchan066manatsuchan067

In all fairness I think the only way OS could had messed up this figure is by doing something wrong on purpose.  Manatsu-chan is an adorable sexy figure that really does does justice to the original artwork and design.  The tan-lines turned out really great, the contrast between her skin tones really do pop.  The sculpt is perfect and her pose is really damn hot.  Nothing really special though, since the figure is not a castoff.  I could had seen it being fairly easy to make her bikini top and bottom be castoffable.  But then again her breasts are already exposed so what more is there to want.  I am a bit confused though to why they give her castoff rings on her arms and made her head removable.  Perhaps you can remove her top, though I am not willing to test that out myself.  Regardless though for the price and scale I think Manatsu-chan is definitely worth the purchase.

Final two unboxings of the year will be out next week and maybe another figure will sneak itself in for a preorder…  Maybe…

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