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Three figures down of seven and now onto the fourth!  Will probably get one more unboxing out later this week and the last two will be done before the end of the year.  Anywho back to the figure at hand!  This is a figure that I was VERY much looking forward to, pretty much an instant preorder for me.  This is the third figure from this particular figure series from Max Factory. From To LOVEru Darkness we have Sairenji Haruna at 1/6th scale in her “wedding dress lingerie” from the Venus Artbook!

Character: Sairenji Haruna
Origins: To LOVEru Darkness (Manga/Anime)
Other: To LOVEru Darkness Venus Artbook
Scale: 1/6
Dimensions: Height – 10.34″
Companies: Max Factory (Manufacturer)
Artists: Hirose Hiroyuki (Color producer), Nakayaman (Sculptor)
Release: 11/25/2015
Price: ¥11,000

Well November’s haul is looking damn good from what I have opened up so far and will continue to be so with this figure!  As I already mentioned I was really looking forward to this figure.  I’ve made it a personal goal to get every single figure released from this set, and as long as Max Factory continues pumping them out, Nana is out next year, then I will continue to threw money at them!  Much like the first two figures of this set, Haruna is based off of the “under” cover artwork of the To LOVEru Darkness Venus artbook.  She, like the first two girls (Momo and Mea) is wearing that sexy lingerie with a wedding veil.  This is the fourth figure of a six item order from AmiAmi.  The figure’s was reasonably discounted at ¥9,230.  Well without further ado let’s get to the photos~!

mfharuna001 mfharuna002 mfharuna003 mfharuna004mfharuna005mfharuna006I think out of all of the figure manufacturers, Max Factory designs the best looking boxes for their figures!  This box was really damn nice.  It seems like they custom printed the design onto the box, so you can feel the design if you run your fingers on the box.  Really damn awesome!mfharuna007English sided instruction sheet!  The instructions are simply enough that pictures may really be all most people need, but the added thought is very much appreciated!mfharuna008The same base just like Momo’s and Mea’s.  Nothing too special which is acceptable when the figure itself is really amazing.

Haruna comes in two posing options.  Two of her bangs come off which allow you to attach the veil onto her head.  The default pose is Haruna with the veil on.
mfharuna009mfharuna010mfharuna011mfharuna012mfharuna013mfharuna014mfharuna015mfharuna016mfharuna017mfharuna018mfharuna019mfharuna020mfharuna021mfharuna022mfharuna023mfharuna024mfharuna025mfharuna026mfharuna027mfharuna028mfharuna029mfharuna030mfharuna031mfharuna032mfharuna033The coloring is really damn good with this figure.  You can see hints of Haruna’s skin through the whiteness of her white lingerie!  That is damn sexy!  Great detailing all around!mfharuna034mfharuna035mfharuna036mfharuna037mfharuna038mfharuna039mfharuna040mfharuna041mfharuna042mfharuna043mfharuna044mfharuna046mfharuna045mfharuna047mfharuna048mfharuna049mfharuna050mfharuna051mfharuna052mfharuna053mfharuna054mfharuna055mfharuna056mfharuna057mfharuna058mfharuna059mfharuna060mfharuna061mfharuna062Now her secondarily, which was what she is defaulted at in the blister.  Basically her two bangs are detachable, allowing you to put on her veil or with her bangs without.  It’s a nice little extra.mfharuna063mfharuna064mfharuna065mfharuna066mfharuna067mfharuna068mfharuna069mfharuna070mfharuna071MF’s design for Haruna’s face sort of reminds me of of Azusa from The IDOLM@STER.  Not a bad thing at all because she looks great.
mfharuna072Which brings me to my point.  I think her face in the figure is a pretty nice big improvement from the actual original artwork!mfharuna073mfharuna074mfharuna075mfharuna076mfharuna077mfharuna078mfharuna079mfharuna080mfharuna081mfharuna082mfharuna083Now my Haruna had some visible extra “glue”.  You can sort of see it with this photo, it’s the gap between her back and her top.  Just a minor QA defect I think. mfharuna084mfharuna085mfharuna086mfharuna087mfharuna088mfharuna089mfharuna090mfharuna091mfharuna092mfharuna093mfharuna094mfharuna095mfharuna096mfharuna097mfharuna098mfharuna099mfharuna100mfharuna101mfharuna102mfharuna103

So automatically I am in love with this figure.  It was meant to be.  This will be a quick one I promise.  MF definitely delivered with another quality figure in this line and IMO I think they surpassed the original artwork!  Haruna looks amazing!  Her sculpt and design are perfect.  The coloring is amazing as usual.  The little hints of skin bleeding out of her clothing is amazing and really shows off the high level of detailing MF had with this figure.  Such a sexy and cute figure! Now my figure was unfortunately not perfect with some minor QA issues with some left over visible glue.  But I can live with that since the figure overall looks so damn amazing that I can forgive it all!  Now bring me more of these MF!  Nana next year and maybe Yui or Mikan the year after that?

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