Well, all good things come to end eventually…

Hey everyone, it’s me EKing! No I am not dead nor has the site/blog been hacked. I know it’s been a while since my last update and you probably have a lot of questions. So I’ll try to answer them all right here.

Q1) Where the hell have you been?

  • I definitely did not go anywhere. After some disastrous unboxing attempts, broken pieces and extremely difficult castoffs, I decided to take a break from any new unboxings. Originally I had plan to only take a few weeks off but those few weeks turned out to be several months in the end. I was working on a post to address the situation but never really finished writing it until now..

Q2) Did you quit collecting figures and other nerdy stuff?

  • No I have no intention of quitting my hobbies. I did have to nuke most of my orders due to having other financial obligations to take care of. I have not order anything new since, but again I only view this as a temporary stop as I get things in order.

Q3) Are you ok? Is everything alright?

  • This probably should be the first question I should answer in most cases. But yes I am alright and everything is good. As I hinted earlier in the year, this is my final semester of my college career. I am also working during the days I am not attending lectures, so my weeks are rather longer than usual. Been lacking the free time to sit and write up a post.

And then probably the most important question….

Q4) What’s wrong with the site? Why does it look like shit?

  • Alright, so I have been neglecting the site for quite some time now. To the point where I sort of forgot about it. In comes October and the renewal for the domain hosting and registration is up. It’s a pretty big financial commitment for a multi-year hosting plan, even with discounts. So I really had to think long and hard about if I wanted to drop the funds to extend my hosting while I am unsure of even continuing this whole blogging experience. I definitely still wanted to keep my domain registration just in case of future endeavors. So I looked up some cheap or free hosting alternatives and found some really attractive options… Too attractive probably…

In the end I decided against renewal my hosting package and moved the site to this free domain hosting after backing up everything. So what does that mean from here? Well, as the title suggests this is goodbye message. The upcoming months will be quite busy for me, with finishing my schooling, working on some certifications and finding a career type job. While this is a goodbye, I don’t think it’s a farewell forever. I am still quite interested in collecting figures and other money-hole hobbies.

It has been an interesting 4+ years of blogging. I definitely learned a lot from my experiences doing this. I would like to thank everyone who visited the blog on a regular bases, made comments, email me questions and overall being a fan of eN3RDs. I made no money from unboxing these figures, despite my attempts of trying to make some pocket change. But that did not stop me from getting new figures and sharing the experience of opening it up with everyone. So again thank you for everything.

I will keep whatever social media pages open for time being. Who knows, maybe I’ll post a comeback on there someday… I can still be reached at [email protected] if you need to email me. So for the last time (at least for now)… Thanks for reading!


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